a manly iPod docking station

If you want an iPhone/iPod dock that looks cool, for men, here’s what you need.

Each model is built out of a solid block of aluminum, and they’re based on the exhaust manifold of a car engine.  It’s called iXoost, which comes from the English pronunciation of the word “exhaust”.  They feature several speakers, including a 140W subwoofer.

I haven’t heard one of these, but I would like to — unless I have to pay for it.  The starting price is $6200.  I think it looks awesome, but I suspect the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) would be considerably less than favorable.

You can find more info at the iXoost website, and you can even customize your own on this page.

devastating explosions

Some friends recently told me about a website caused Devastating Explosions, at the touch of a button.  I have to say, this is one of the coolest websites I’ve ever seen.  All it is is explosions that you detonate, but what more do you need?  I recommend you make your web browser full-screen for this page.

The website is courtesy of Old Spice.  I’m not really sure what deodorant has to do with explosions, but it’s cool nonetheless.  (Yeah, I realize it’s a marketing ploy to get them recognition, and it’s a good one.)

Anyway, back to the explosions… One of them has two tanker trucks blowing up in an intersection, which seems odd.  But then an old car drives through the explosion area like nothing happened.  Another scene has a huge explosion and there’s somebody walking along casually.  I’m thinking if there’s a massive explosion that close to you and you aren’t either admiring it or running away, then you had something to do with it and are trying too hard to look innocent.

There needs to be more websites like this… and they should be made into TV commercials.

We need to figure out how to get paid for making video clips of explosions!  Surely there are many amateur / indie movie-makers who would like to add more explosions to their films (who wouldn’t?), but they don’t have the budget for it.  Plus it would be awesome to try to build the most complete library of explosions ever!  How many unique explosions could we think up?  I don’t know, but I’ve got quite a few ideas already…

awesome TV commercials

Have you ever seen TV commercials that are cooler than the TV show you’re watching?  (If so, you probably need to watch something else.)  But there are a few commercials that come close.  My current favorite one is for the Nissan Juke, called Donut Action.  This is the longer version of the commercial (just over a minute), where the intern forgot the donuts for the business status meeting.

The whole commercial is cool, but I especially like the end, where he shows up with the donuts and says “Bang!”  Then the announcer says, “That’s right.”  Classic.

Also worth mentioning is the Geico commercial that asks, “Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?”

(I didn’t think he was terrible…)

how to convert your car into a tank

In a previous post I wrote about wanting a tank to drive around town.  Unfortunately, tanks tend to be out of the budget, and I don’t know of a used tanks surplus emporium.   But now that’s okay, because someone has figured out how to convert your car into a tank.  You use the frame and engine of your car as is.  You drive up on the tank tread assembly, remove the tires, make some changes to how it’s all connected, and then your car drives like a tank.   The video below illustrates this.

My Russian translation skills are somewhat lacking, but I’m pretty sure somewhere in the video they said the equivalent of “this is one of the coolest things ever”.

BTW, if you do this, you’re on your own.   That would probably void your warranty.  And I’m pretty sure the highway department would frown upon such use, at least on major roads.  But in the deer woods, this would be great!