colon cleansing spam

I got a spam e-mail from ColonCleanser, with the subject line of “Complimentary Colon Cleanse”.  I don’t open spam e-mails, but if I were to, I would reply and tell them that my body has a natural colon cleansing mechanism built-in.  You know what I’m sayin’?

If you happen to be having some problems, I can send you the recipe for my infamous chili-cheese dip.  It’ll keep you regular…  🙂

Speaking of colon cleansing and all that mess, that reminds me of the classic table scene from the movie The Nutty Professor (the one with Eddie Murphy).  Quote: “You want yo’ colon cleansed?!?  Fine!  I’m gonna clean mine!  PHVRRRT!  There, now my colon is clean, I’m talkin’ squeaky clean!”  And that led to one of the greatest lines ever: “PHVRRRT!”  “Who dat call my name?”  “Yeah, I called ya if ya name is PHVRRRT!”

a spamtastic secret to skinniness

I got a spam e-mail today with the subject line of:

RE: Clean Colon = Flat Tummy

First, that’s just an odd association.  But second, my research* has proven that’s not true at all.

* I know some people who “cleanse their colon” on a regular basis, and, well, that’s all I’ll say.  🙂