caption contest, who can explain this one?

We like to feature unusual photos for our weekly caption contest, to make it more interesting and more random.  We’ve had some really weird pictures so far, but this may be the most random one yet.  I challenge you to come up with a story that comes close to being plausible.  Of course, you can also make jokes or funny observations, if you don’t care to try to explain it.  Most of all, have fun with it.

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20 thoughts on “caption contest, who can explain this one?

  1. Thomas Wayne

    “My friends told me something special was supposed to happen when it got up to 88 mph, but I expected something cooler than this.”

  2. Gardner's World

    One of the cops says: “When we heard someone had crashed a vehicle we all thought it was Madonna and her husband. The report said it involved a posh bloke and a small singer.”

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    Timmy’s mother wasn’t a very good seamstress. She managed to stitch her own sewing machine to the sleeve of the jacket.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    “My college roommates dared me to do all this in the mid ’90s, but an out-of-court settlement won’t allow me to divulge any further details about that.”

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    This guy thinks he’s pretty slick, but he’s living in a (delivery) van down by the river.

  6. Mr. Destructo

    “No one would ever suspect a guy in a tux with a sewing machine! Now I will continue my rampant destruction!”

  7. Important Philosopher

    Could it be possible that there is no logical explanation? Surely not, because there’s always a logical explanation, right? Well, except maybe with women, and that’s half the world’s population, so perhaps it is possible that there is no way to logically explain this picture…

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