new features at Buffet o’ Blog

Today I’m going to tell you about some of the recent upgrades here at Buffet o’ Blog.

You may have noticed the new check-box next to where you leave your comments.   If you check it and leave a comment, you will receive new comments on that post via e-mail.  That way, if there’s a post you want to follow but don’t want to check back at the blog all the time to see if anyone has written on it, you just check the box and you’ll get an e-mail when someone writes a new comment.

If you are a regular reader here (or want to be) and you want to receive all the comments in your feed reader or by e-mail, we now have that option.  With the e-mail options you will receive one e-mail per day containing all the comments on the blog from the past 24 hours.  If there were no new comments, there is no e-mail.  The instructions for subscribing to this is explained in detail on the new “Subscribe” page.

And of course you can receive the new posts via e-mail or in a feed reader.  I’ve mentioned that before.  Those instructions are also on the “Subscribe” page.

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