it’s time to replace the Easter Bunny

Have you ever wondered why there’s a tradition of an Easter Bunny that leaves eggs and candy for children?  Is that believable?  Surely there’s a better way.

I came across an article on this issue that makes a lot of sense: replace the Easter Bunny with an Easter Ninja.  Now, for those stuck in the rut of tradition, this may seem absurd.  But you should read the article, because it really does make a lot of sense.  Plus, it’s humorous.  And as he explains, not only would it be better for children, but a ninja is much cooler than a bunny, along with being much more believable.

Here’s a quick preview:

Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to the Easter Bunny, and say hello to the Easter Ninja!  The Easter Ninja’s modus operandi is similar to that of the bunny, i.e. he breaks into your house and leaves baskets of eggs and candy.  The only difference is instead of leaving carrots for the bunny, children leave carefully constructed booby traps that the Easter Ninja must negotiate without setting off to fill their baskets.  Everyone knows thwarting traps makes ninjas happy, so the Easter Ninja will reward clever children with baskets of eggs and Easter Ninja shaped chocolates. ~ Chris Carlisle

Here’s the full article:

Replacing the Easter Bunny with an Easter Ninja.  [link broken]

I’m thinking we should start a petition to make this happen.  Spread the word!

3 thoughts on “it’s time to replace the Easter Bunny

  1. Vince

    Replace the Easter Bunny, Blasphemy! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It’s another excuse to paint eggs, hide them, and dress up in a huge bunny suit which somehow earns you the adoration of young children. I’m not sure how the bunny came into being a symbol, but somehow it has stuck. I made a list on my website of the top ten reasons I love about Easter: You can vote and also add your own reasons.

  2. Important Doctor

    what do you mean ‘another excuse to paint eggs, hide them, and dress up in a huge bunny suit”. what Other times throughou the year do you do this? ??? what are the ‘other’ excuses you use to do this stuff? 🙂

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Good catch, Imp. Dr… But I’m not sure we want to know about his other excuses… 😮

    While current secular Easter traditions may be fun for some as it is, designing traps for an Easter Ninja would be even better. Plus, when I catch him, I’ll put the Easter Ninja on eBay. 🙂 Or, even better, I’d make the rounds of all the daytime & late-night talk shows, and I’d write a book, and there would be a movie made about it, and then I’d release him back into the wild. And then I’d retire comfortably. That’s the American way! Therefore, the Easter Ninja is more American than the Easter Bunny. Logic prevails once again.

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