New Year’s Resolutions, 2008

It’s time to start a new year, so I reckon it’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions.  I hear it’s the thing to do.  I made some last year, and I did well, I think.  My goals were to gain weight and to improve this blog.  Those resolutions worked out well for me, so I’m going to keep them for 2008 also.  Why change it if it’s not broken?  🙂

So there’s nothing new there, but I will include a New Year’s resolution themed quote for your enjoyment :

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other.

It’s funny if it’s true, but if you make resolutions you can keep (like I did last year), then you feel good about yourself and you wonder why more people don’t make resolutions they can actually keep…  🙂

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions, 2008

  1. Thomas Wayne

    HA! I get the first comment of 2008, just like I did for 2007 on this site!

    Last year I made some resolutions for other people (which is a LOT more fun), and I’ve already thought of one for this year :

    * Fab, write more than 3 posts per month on your blog. 🙂 (If you need help with ideas, just let me know, because I think of cool stuff all the time.)

    FYI, if your New Year’s resolution is to be more cool, I happen to offer correspondence courses on that, and I’ll be glad to help you out. And if you call within the next 10 minutes, you can get your first lesson absolutely free (plus an insane amount of shipping & handling).

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