how to fall asleep quickly, according to TV

Does your restless mind keep you awake?  Do you lie awake at night, wondering how to fall asleep?  If that’s you, then you should let some butterflies into your room at night.  It works in the commercials — those people go to sleep quickly, instantly even.  Although the butterflies are glowing, like they’re radioactive.  I don’t know where you can get any of those, though…  Even if you could get some, it might be a violation of federal law to use them in a manner inconsistent with their labelling.  And helping you fall asleep is probably not one of the intended uses for mutant butterflies.  Although those commercials have been on TV for a while now, so maybe they’ve found some loophole or something.  But I still don’t know where you can acquire any of those mutant butterflies…

3 thoughts on “how to fall asleep quickly, according to TV

  1. Mango-Man

    Seems like those mutant butterflies are from someplace called ‘lunesta’ or something… not sure if that’s a country or not… I suppose it ‘could’ be a planet… that might explain how they got radioactive! sort-of like what happened to super-man when he came here to a planet with a yellow sun.
    I bet that’s what happened! A bunch of mutant butterflies came to earth & the yellow sun has given them power! The power to make people sleep, and it makes them all glowey & stuff. I bet that’s what gives them the ability to fly too!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Perhaps the (self-proclaimed) “Important Evil Genius” could get you some of those mutant butterflies. When his secret lair was raided and confiscated, it was discovered that he had some toxic waste. This info, combined with rumors of his love for all things botanical (particularly flowers), means he might be able to get you some radioactive butterflies.

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