why there is a Nintendo Wii shortage

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of the Nintendo Wii in stores.  I have friends that want to buy one yet haven’t seen one in Walmart or Target ever.  (And it’s been out 6 months!)  Obviously it’s very popular, since it has sold over 6 million in 6 months.  Yet some people still think there should be more available.  Well, I finally came across the reason why there is a big shortage.  Follow this link to see who is responsible for it : Where the Wiis Are.

2 thoughts on “why there is a Nintendo Wii shortage

  1. Say What?!

    Could it be that evil is afoot? (looks around suspiciously).

    Maybe some evil genius is in league with this guy to provide a catastrophic nintendo wii shortage?

    This is really low.
    The horror of such a deed will not be soon forgotten.

  2. ditsy blond

    what? evil is a ‘foot’? I always pictured evil as some kind of menacing yet unseen force following me around waiting to gobble me up. but now that I know its just an ordinary ‘foot’ I guess I have nothing to be worried about… whew… what a relief!

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