What would you like to pee on?

fly in urinal
How’s that for a title?  🙂

Obviously, this is a question for the guys.  There’s a place in Amsterdam that etched the image of a fly inside the urinals in its bathrooms, to make guys aim at it.  And they’ve said it really helps.  (Click on the picture for more info on that.)

Obviously a fly is not the only option for the picture.  So what other images would be good to put inside a toilet or urinal?

8 thoughts on “What would you like to pee on?

  1. Crappo the Clown

    Put a “poop smear” in there. That’ll give guys something to aim at, as well as giving them something to wonder about… 🙂

  2. Mango-Man

    put a picture of FIRE… (FIRE FIRE!!!) or better yet… how about an etching of a little city with little people… the ‘urinal operator’ could imagine himself to be a giant (a la king kong) peeing on the city.

    might be fun to have the urinal setup to look like a goldfish bowl for the guys to pee in.

  3. PeeWee

    Umm…let’s see. pictures of….
    Osama binLaden,
    Bill and Hillary Clinton,
    One of my fieldwork supervisors in college,
    James Carville,
    illigal immigrants,
    Political Correctness,
    and the list could go on….

  4. PEE-TA


    Flies are our friends and we should not encourage people to perform violent acts of violence against them.

    Flies are vital to the earth’s biological cycle of sanitation.

    The fly is nature’s friend and since humans are a part of nature we should be a friend to the fly.

    This blog can be so barbaric! and BIASED towards animal violence. I bet you freaks eat chickens!! (shedding tears). I have read the articles, the jokes, the puns. Why not eat spinach, broccoli, and lima beans??!

    We thought about boycotting your blog, but that would be useless since it is obscure from the public. Instead we will make our (i mean, animals) voices heard!!

  5. Mango-Man

    This blog is NOT biased in regards to animal violence… some of us are totally FOR it..

    btw… judging from you last line ,”we will make our (i mean, animals) voices heard!!”, I deduce that you are an animal yourself… is this that crazy squirrel from my yard again? how many times do I have to tell you to keep off my computer!

    yes… I like chicken… I hear squirrels ‘taste’ like chicken…mmmm…

  6. Thomas Wayne

    I’ve eaten squirrels before. Didn’t really taste like chicken, but was still pretty good… especially when covered with some gravy. Mmm… gravy…

    I can’t believe folks would get they drawz in a wad because of a drawing of a fly! It’s not a real animal! Besides, I don’t think this encourages people to pee on flies. I mean, that gets messy in a hurry! It doesn’t take too many attempts before you realize it wasn’t such a good idea…

  7. Wizzes With Flies

    It sounds like you have attempted this. The mental picture is too much for me to bear. My wife thinks this image is unbearably funny as well. We can see it now: TW out on his patio twirling around trying to pee on flies. PRICELESS!!! 🙂

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