The Subservient Chicken

This website (click here) features a guy dressed in a chicken suit that will pretty much carry out any commands you give.  This page has been around for some time now, but if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out for some true randomness.

2 thoughts on “The Subservient Chicken

  1. Thomas Wayne

    He did some stunts for me, like kicking the couch, dancing, sleeping in the floor. But when I told him to poop on the floor, he bent over like he would, but then he didn’t do anything. That would’ve been pretty cool…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I told him to “take a dump” and he got upset at me. I thought he was supposed to be subservient, but he disobeyed me. I thought maybe he didn’t understand, so I said “crap on floor”, and he acted like he was going to, but never did. So I told him to “fart”, and he tried to make noises with his underarm. At least he tried something… Then I told him to “pass gas”, and he acted like he did, but it was silent.

    I decided to try some more random stuff. So I typed in “eat yourself”, and he started to. That’s not right.

    I told him “touch ceiling”, but he really got confused on this one. Perhaps English isn’t his native language…

    I told him, “do the funky chicken”, and he actually did. You might expect him to be good at that one, but he’s not. I reckon he’s a cracka’ chicken.

    You can get him to watch TV and throw pillows. They actually put a lot of time into this. I told him “go into kitchen”, and he started acting crazy. I don’t know what he was trying to do. Maybe he wanted to dance some more. I told him “pick up chair”, and he beat the chair and then threatened me! I think he’s getting rebellious at this point. Maybe it’s time for his nap. So I told him “turn off lamp”, and he did some more dancing. He really can’t make up his mind! I said “pick up rope”, because there’s something like that in the floor, but he did another random dance. He thinks he’s got some dance moves, but he should keep practicing before going to the club. Since he likes to dance, I said “breakdance”, but he really wasn’t good at that one.

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