seeking free Cheetos

cheetosI tried to get Cheetos to sponsor this blog, so they could provide me with a couple of free bags per week — one for me eating and talking about, and one for giveaways.  But they don’t do sponsorships like this, so we’re out of luck.  That’s too bad.  Because there’s just not any other chips like Cheetos.

On a related side note, this week I saw where you can get bags of Cheetos with an extra 20 percent in them.  This was at Walmarks.   (FYI, some Ebonics dialects translate Walmart to Walmarks.)  It was a good deal, even cheaper per ounce than the large family bag.  So if you enjoy eating Cheetos, you should check it out.

Do you think there should be a Cheetos Anonymous club?   I’m not quite addicted to them, but I could eat them all the time.   So if there was a club where folks met once a week or so and ate Cheetos, that would be pretty cool…