no artificial preservatives

I have a colossal bulk that frightens evil villains, and people have asked how I developed this figure.  Perhaps some folks think I cheated in some way, but I’ll make it clear : I don’t need steroids or HGH or artificial supplements.  I’ve never taken any of that stuff.  I got my figure from just eating and sitting around.

Don’t be jealous…  🙂

Roger Clemens was injected with what???

Roger Clemens said that his trainer Brian McNamee injected lidocaine and B-12 vitamins into his buttocks.  According to actual physicians, lidocaine is for decreasing pain, to make an area numb.  It’s what your dentist might use to numb your mouth before drilling into your teeth.  And it works only where it is injected.  So why would Clemens get that injected into his butt?  Did he have butt pain?

Okay, that’s too much seriousness already for this blog, so let’s take that story in a different direction.  What might be the side-effects of making your butt numb?  Ponder that for a minute… then see if you believe Clemens’ story…