I want to see a star explode!

I was just reading about how cool it would be to see a star go supernova — that is, explode.  That would be incredibly awesome.  But who has time to sit around and wait for that to happen?  They can burn for millions or billions of years before exploding.  And even if I had that much time, I’m not going to stare into the sky every night waiting for that to happen.   (Although if I had that much time, I’d have more time for such things.)

So maybe we should coerce a star to explode.   Then we could schedule it, announce it, and half the world could watch it live.   We could sponsor it, saying, “This supernova is brought to you by Buffet o’ Blog.”   This would be all over the news, and then we’d be super-famous — all for blowing up a star, which we’ve wanted to do anyway.  So it’s a win-win for us!

R&D department, I know what we’re gonna do today…  🙂