under the weather

There’s been a lot of people complaining about global warming in the past few years.  But there’s another aspect of the weather that doesn’t get much press, despite it affecting almost everyone.

Today I’m feeling under the weather.  That means I’m sick, I have a cold.  Since people say that is being “under the weather”, then obviously it’s the weather’s fault.  So why hasn’t anyone put forth a global campaign to destroy this weather oppression?

While someone figures out how to stop it, I think we should consider an idea I had a while back: recycling boogers.  I know, that’s thinking way outside the box and it’s gross, but boogers and snot are organic so they might be carbon-based, and there’s an endless supply from colds and allergies.  If someone could figure this out, they’d easily make billions of dollars…

my job made me sick

It’s been about a year since I got laid-off from my job at a cubicle farm (or, as known to some, a large IT corporation).  I recently realized that I haven’t got sick in any way since then — no cold or flu, no stomach virus, nothing of that sort.   So obviously that means it was the company that was making me get sick.

Just thought I’d let you know, in case you also get inexplicably sick once in a while.  Perhaps you’re also allergic to cubicle farms…