tennis shoe sandwich

Here’s another entry in our ongoing series on being a food critic.   This photo involves some creativity, in that a sandwich was made to look like a tennis shoe.

tennis shoe sandwich

Does it work?  Is something missing?  What should be changed?  You decide.

the Rubix Cubewich

The Rubix Cube has baffled people for decades.  But someone has invented a new version of it, made with food.  Do you think you could solve this one?

Rubix Cubewich

This “Rubix Cubewich” is made from cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami and two types of cheddar.  While the original puzzle will give you a headache, this one will just give you gas.  🙂

This post is part of our series on being a food critic.  So if you have any suggestions for how this food item could or should be better, let us know in a comment.

free food at Arby’s

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, I usually write about funny stuff — whether original humor or linking to something that’s humorous.  But there is the occasional public service announcement, particularly when it comes to food.  Not only is food important (it’s part of a balanced breakfast), but it can be quite an enjoyable experience.

There have been numerous discussions with the staff here that turned to Arby’s food, especially their curly fries.  (We also had an excellent idea for how Arby’s could gain more impulse customers by using the natural wafting action of the aroma of their curly fries.   But so far they haven’t contacted us.)  Anyway, I’m going to speak about Arby’s again, just so you are in the know.


At a recent visit to Arby’s, the back of the receipt told of a survey you could take to get a free sandwich — a Regular Roast Beef or a Beef ‘n Cheddar.   Those are both around $3, so that’s something to speak of (hence the post).  The survey is really easy to complete and takes only a few minutes.   I’ve used one already to get a free sandwich.  And the best part is, upon redeeming my free sandwich, I got another survey, which led to another promotional code.  (I did make a purchase in addition to the free sandwich — had to have some curly fries!)

I don’t guarantee that this offer will last or that all receipts include the survey.  But since I’ve gotten two in a row, I figure the odds are good, and you might want to stop by there some time.  It’s nice to get free food.

how to eat a chicken sandwich

Today I was out on the town during the lunch hour, so I stopped by Chick-fil-A to get a chicken sandwich.  (Is there a better chicken sandwich?  That is, getting it without pickles and adding cheese and mayo.)  Anyway, I’ve always eaten it with my hands, because that’s what you do with sandwiches.  But the woman at the drive-thru window put a straw in my bag, even though I didn’t order a beverage.  What was that for?  Did she expect me to use the straw to drink my sandwich?  Silly woman… straws are for beverages!