holiday meals don’t cause obesity

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will undoubtedly be news journalists and magazine writers telling people to not overeat at holiday feasts. So let me preempt their “breaking news” and tell you to not listen to them! Eating more than normal at the occasional feast doesn’t mean you’ll get fat or that you’re a glutton. There has been actual research done on this which showed that the average weight gain for the entire holiday season is just 0.8 pounds. Look at that number — less than one pound! So don’t worry about a meal here or there. It’s your daily habits that determine if you’re overweight or not. Go ahead and enjoy the family get-togethers during the holidays. Enjoy the food and don’t feel guilty if you occasionally eat more than normal.

I’ve ranted on this before, so I’ll just link to that, which links to the actual news article with the research: holiday eating is not making you fat.

If you typically concern yourself with counting calories and saturated fat grams and such, don’t let that keep you from enjoying your meal. As I wrote above, one meal is not the problem. But if you feel the need to have restraint (like if your doctor told you to avoid sugars), then decide before the meal what you will eat and how much, then eat the meal within those boundaries so you don’t ruin your enjoyment of the meal, like I wrote about recently in my post about a bowl of chocolate versus a responsible adult. It’s a mindset strategy so you can enjoy your situation even when there’s restrictions.

Oh, and if someone wants to argue about it before or after your family get-together, you can tell them about the actual study in the news, but if they’re determined to not enjoy their meal, that’s on them and it may not be worth your time arguing about it. Just go eat another piece of pecan pie… 🙂

near-tragedy at Thanksgiving feast

pecan-pieThe first place I went for my annual Thanksgiving feast was great, except that no one brought a pecan pie.   I’m sure this was just an oversight, but it sure is a big one!   Having pecan pie on Thanksgiving Day is more American than apple pie!  Fortunately, the second place I went for Thanksgiving had a freshly-made pecan pie.  Mmm…

The day… was saved…

For those of you wondering, yes, I do have two annual Thanksgiving feasts per year.  🙂  It seemed like a good idea when this holiday tradition started, and I really enjoy it, so I see no reason to stop it.  Besides, since diets don’t apply on holidays, who’s counting calories?

give thanks for food

Well, we’re nearing the annual Turkey Day (or Thanksgiving, as most call it).   It is, of course, a day to give thanks (which I covered on my other blog), but here at Buffet o’ Blog we tend to take a lighter look at life.  So here’s some of the things I’m thankful for (and will be extra thankful for on Thursday):

pecan-pieturkey and dressing
macaroni & cheese
hashbrown casserole
mashed taters
sweet tea
pecan pie
chocolate pie

I could probably think of a few more things from a typical Thanksgiving feast, but you get the idea.  I am VERY thankful for the great food that we get to eat.  It’s easy to take it for granted, because for most of us it happens every year, but not everyone gets to enjoy such a great feast.  So I really am thankful for the wonderful food I’ll be eating a lot of.

Whoops, I was getting kinda serious there.  It’s good stuff, what I said, but I don’t want to let it take over this blog.   So here’s a Thanksgiving joke for you:

After Thanksgiving dinner, some guys go out in the yard and pass it.

Do you know the answer?   The “correct answer” is football, but there are other possibly correct answers.  🙂  That’s all I’ll say about that!

Now, in closing, I hope you all have plenty of food to eat, and a comfortable place to rest afterwards.  🙂