tennis for fat people

I was watching some of the 2009 U.S. Open tennis tournament with a friend, and we were discussing whether it would be interesting to have a tennis league for fat people.  There would be requirements to enter, such as being above a certain weight and a certain percentage of body fat.  The court surface would be the somewhat-flexible surface used at the Australian Open, so people can roll if they fall down from getting too much momentum during running.

The players could get sponsorships from junk food makers like Hostess.  Imagine the press conference afterwards, with players eating Twinkies during their post-match interview.  The advertising message would be “I can eat Twinkies and still win tennis matches!”

Also, more people could relate to this brand of tennis than the professional tours.  Plus it would be funny sometimes.  So I think some people would watch it.  This might not be a prime-time TV type sport, but there are lots of sports that get time on ESPN2 and various other sports channels.  Someone should make it happen.