your secrets revealed to all

I got a spam e-mail that appeared to be from me — not my alias, but my e-mail address.  The subject line said, “Your secrets revealed to all”.  Is that supposed to fool me into thinking I should open it?  I know for certain that I didn’t send that e-mail to myself.  So what is their purpose?  How is that supposed to work?

Karl Rove gets his groove on

I’ve said for a while that I think professional politicians ought to have a sense of humor.  So many of them seem completely humorless.  It would make politics a lot more interesting if they could take a joke or loosen up once in a while.  It’s just not healthy to be serious 100% of the time.

That said, I just found a video where Karl Rove and his “homies” decided to bust a move at The Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner.  I’m not sure this was a good idea…

Here’s the link to the video.

I will give them a few points for trying to be funny.  At least they’re trying.  But then I’ll take away all those points and then some for how lame this is.  I mean, there’s bad, and there’s so-bad-it’s-funny, and there’s this-is-so-horrible-that-I-feel-dumber-for-watching-it.  This falls into the latter category.

BTW, I doubt this gives him more “street cred”…

dumb spam e-mails

Unfortunately e-mail spam is a part of life now, so we might as well laugh at it when we can.  Recently I got an e-mail from an unknown name with a subject of :

***SPAM*** Hi

Uhh, is that supposed to make me want to open it?  How dumb can spammers get?

But the stupidity doesn’t stop there!  Just the other day I got a spam e-mail that had my e-mail address as the “from” address, and the subject was “February 76% OFF”.  Um, is that supposed to fool me into thinking it’s a valid e-mail?  Like I would send myself an e-mail with that subject line and then not remember it at all?  Stupid…

some people lack common sense

Sometimes you have to wonder about the intelligence of some people.  In the news recently, a man in Zimbabwe stole a bus to go pick up his driving license.  He admitted this in court.  You would think that at some point while devising this plan that common sense would kick in and say, “This might not be a good idea.”

Here in the U.S., a guy in Texas called a guy in the Navy a nerd over the Internet, so the Navy guy looked up his name and drove to Texas to get him.  He took pictures of himself at every state border from Virginia to Texas and posted them online, to show how serious he was.  When he got there, he burned down the man’s trailer.  He drove 1300 miles to do this, over being called a “nerd”.  Granted, there was some more teasing done online, but the “nerd” comment was what pushed him over the edge.  This guy is 27 years old, yet he still did something so stupid.  (Can you say “insecure” and “emotionally unstable”?)

As part of a radio contest, an Ohio State man stripped down to his underwear and jumped in a pool of manure.  The prize?  Free Ohio State football tickets.  I realize everyone likes winning contests and prizes, but in this case I think it would’ve been better to just buy the tickets.

Can you believe it?