butt implants

One of the writers here recently mentioned the growing industry of butt facials, and then the article he referenced said men haven’t taken to it so far.  That is completely understandable.  But I recently read something similar to this which disturbs me.  (Read on if you dare.)

In an article in TIME Magazine about not looking old on the job, they list some of the cosmetic surgeries common among men and women of the baby boomers generation.  I can understand wanting to look younger, especially in tech fields typically dominated by people in their 20s and 30s.  But wait ’til you read some of these.  For men, the article lists things like tooth-tightening, neck tucks, and knee-tightening.  That’s weird enough, but it gets even more crazy.  The last item mentioned is a “butt lift and implant” — for men.

I’d never heard of such craziness, and I kinda wish I had never known.  (If you feel the same way, well, too bad, because now you know.)  The article explains why a man would want this: “Slacks can’t hide a saggy, deflated tush.”  Whether true or not, I have to ask “WHO CARES?”  Do men get less promotions or job offers because of their butts?  I don’t think so.  (And if there are instances where that is true, I wouldn’t want to work there anyway!)

The article explains the procedure: “Buttock lifts (up 660% in men from 2000 to 2006) involve surgically lifting baggy behinds; implants, a newer option, mean inserting silicone sacks.”  I just have trouble believing any man would want butt implants…  I don’t know…  And guess what it costs… $4,500!

What is this world coming to?

Roger Clemens was injected with what???

Roger Clemens said that his trainer Brian McNamee injected lidocaine and B-12 vitamins into his buttocks.  According to actual physicians, lidocaine is for decreasing pain, to make an area numb.  It’s what your dentist might use to numb your mouth before drilling into your teeth.  And it works only where it is injected.  So why would Clemens get that injected into his butt?  Did he have butt pain?

Okay, that’s too much seriousness already for this blog, so let’s take that story in a different direction.  What might be the side-effects of making your butt numb?  Ponder that for a minute… then see if you believe Clemens’ story…