how to convert your car into a tank

In a previous post I wrote about wanting a tank to drive around town.  Unfortunately, tanks tend to be out of the budget, and I don’t know of a used tanks surplus emporium.   But now that’s okay, because someone has figured out how to convert your car into a tank.  You use the frame and engine of your car as is.  You drive up on the tank tread assembly, remove the tires, make some changes to how it’s all connected, and then your car drives like a tank.   The video below illustrates this.

My Russian translation skills are somewhat lacking, but I’m pretty sure somewhere in the video they said the equivalent of “this is one of the coolest things ever”.

BTW, if you do this, you’re on your own.   That would probably void your warranty.  And I’m pretty sure the highway department would frown upon such use, at least on major roads.  But in the deer woods, this would be great!

Super Chuck Norris Bros.

What would happen if you mixed the classic Nintendo NES game Super Mario Bros. with Chuck Norris?  Someone has, and so they created Super Chuck Norris Bros. (Click on the title to watch a short demo video of it.)

This game would be the awesome!  Although, the difficulty would need to be turned up, because it is Chuck Norris, and he can’t be stopped.

The on-screen messages go too fast, but the first two say “Chuck Norris doesn’t need mushrooms!” and “Chuck Norris needs a shotgun!”  🙂  Actually, he would win without the weapons, but equipping him with a shotgun, grenades, flamethrower, and a chainsaw, makes him unstoppable.  He even destroys trees and clouds in the game!

I’d like to see adaptations of other games featuring Chuck Norris!

Get your home fabricator here!!!

Have you ever watched an episode of star trek where they walk up and speak into a little computer in the wall and ask for something… anything… and it generates it for them? And you thought to yourself… man! I wish I had one of those!

Well now you CAN… The future is HERE… well… almost…

The day may not be far off that rather than going to the store and purchasing a new television or remote control that you can have it fabricated in your very own home using a printer-sized factory to download and build it.

Introducing the fabathome fabricator (home page found here)

Unfortunately the technology is still in the development stages but check out this website (here) to see some examples of the things they can currently make.

Be sure to scroll down this page and watch how they print out a flashlight, lego car tires, and house of cheese… THAT RIGHT’S… a house of CHEESE!!! this is just almost too much awesomeness to comprehend… and YES!!! it’s edible. They also fabricate various other things such as a watch band, and stuff made of cake icing. mmmm….

On the popular mechanics website there is a short video clip describing the technology (watch it here) they explain the process and show how they made things like a working flashlight, circuit boards etc… You can print with any number of materials including acrylic or even chocolate~

For $2400, you can buy a Fab@home desktop fabricator that lets you build objects out of acrylic; the company hopes to produce units that can build with multiple materials in the future.

The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology predicts that personal nanofactories will be in operation by 2020. Jamais Cascio, founder of Open the Future and a director at CRN, says nanofactories will have a huge impact: “If it becomes cheaper and more efficient to have something printed out locally instead of made in China, it will have a big effect on things like trade balances, international labor, and…our national economy.”