Don’t Diet on Thanksgiving Day!

I saw a news story before Thanksgiving that started with this info:

The average Thanksgiving dinner has more than 3,000 calories.  That’s more than a day’s worth in one meal!

Well, usually my Thanksgiving dinner is most of what I eat that day, so that’s okay.  But then the articles went on to tell us that we should eat healthier on Thanksgiving Day.  Let’s see if I can sum up my thoughts on that idea: no, no, No, No, NO!  On holidays, diets don’t apply. For that one day, you should eat ALL you want.  I know, it’s good to eat healthy and have lighter portions, but not on holidays!   Good grief!

The article goes on to compare certain foods with each other, for example:

Mashed potatoes, half-cup: 118 calories
Roll with one pat of butter = 136 calories

To that I say, “So what?”  But then some “registered dietician” said, “The real take-home point here is, don’t go for both, especially don’t also have stuffing and mashed potatoes and bread. You can’t have everything. You’ve gotta choose one!” Again, I say, “NO!”  Such thinking will ruin your Thanksgiving feast!  It’s the height of absurdity to choose one item between mashed taters, stuffing, and bread.  If you start excluding all the traditional foods, you won’t have a feast at all!

I can’t believe such nonsense was actually published in the news!  That kind of misinformation is not healthy.   If I had to choose only 2 or 3 items in small portions on Thanksgiving day while everyone else ate all they wanted, I would probably get depressed.  And it’s not good to be depressed.  So eat up, people.  I may not be some important doctor, but I do know what I’m talking about this time.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Diet on Thanksgiving Day!

  1. Beppo

    Thanks for the compliment! I agree that losing weight shouldn’t be scary. And “registered dieticians” shouldn’t try to ruin your life with a diet, like saying you can’t have mashed potatoes and a roll during Thanksgiving dinner. Diets are way overrated, anyway. Anyone can lose weight on a crash diet over a few weeks, but then it usually comes back. We have to modify our eating lifestyle. But we should still enjoy eating, especially on holidays.

    Thanks for subscribing. I hope you enjoy original randomness, because that’s what we specialize in here… 🙂

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    Yeah…I’ll forgo the turkey and dressing while I’m at it. And on Christmas I’ll just go get a Veggie sub and Dasani from Subway for dinner. Who needs delicious foods on the holidays any way?

  3. Bag O' Donuts

    Thanksgiving Update. I just finished Thanksgiving dinner. I…wait…O.K. I think I’m good…I ate way more than I should have, and much of it consisted of bread or in the case of banana pudding, cookie like materials. It was good. I don’t look any fatter either. What up with that Registered Dietician?

  4. Thomas Wayne

    I think that “Registered Dietician” (if that’s their real name) is a fraud, much like that Important Doctor that sometimes shows up here. Sometimes folks get those non-accredited degrees and think they’re something when they ain’t nothin’.

    Bag O’ Donuts, I’m glad you came to your senses and ate a lot at the Thanksgiving feast. I feel sorry for any people who were hoodwinked by that news article mentioned above…

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