add your own captions, man in flower garden

Here we go with another caption contest!  I expect this one to be a fun time, given what I know about some of the regular readers here.  The game works the same as always — write a caption for this photo.  It can be analysis, commentary, or dialog of the people in it.

FYI, if you are not aware of the inside joke that’s going on in the comments, refer to this post: a man who likes flowers.  Of course, there’s no comments while I’m writing this, and while I’m not prophetic, sometimes I can predict the future.  And I have some ideas for where this discussion will go.

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16 thoughts on “add your own captions, man in flower garden

  1. Fab

    Mango-Man: Check out what I did to the yard, Sweetie! Aren’t the ketunias just radiant! Just wait ’til I start on the window boxes. Also, the outfit is pretty snazzy too, don’t you think?

    Neighbors in the background: Can you believe that a man did all of this? He must be an interior decorator to have such good taste.

  2. Fab

    Mango-Man: With this special microphone, I can hear what the flowers are saying.

    Flowers: We have no friend like our Mango-Man! We love you!

  3. Sigmund Fraud

    Once again, as evidenced by this photo of Mango-Man, he is still battling his gender identity crisis and seems to have even embraced his wussiness. It’s sad really, except for where the flowers are concerned. It looks like they are well taken care of. I’d be curious to hear what my colleague Famous Psychologist from a Far Away Land says about this.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man: With this new-fangled camcorder here, I can record the flowers growing and swaying in the wind, so I can watch it again in the convenience of my own home, whenever I want to. WOO-HA!

  5. Mango-man

    Mango-man: whats thomas wayne doing in this picture with his camera… I bet HE likes the flowers! aslo i’d like to point out that this entire area used to be totally covered in flowers. Please note all the bare spots!!! Those are all the areas that i’ve urinated on so far. I will kill all those flowers yet!!! now off to get another big-gulp and remove some more flowers.

    Other Couple: did you hear that? we are standing in Pee!

  6. Sigmund Fraud

    Denial is such a sad, sad state of being. Poor Mango-Man. 😦 I had such high hopes for your therapy, but it seems you have regressed into denial. So pathetic.

  7. Thomas Wayne

    If you’ll recall, Mango-Man was in denial back when that first post was written (over a year ago). I’m sure he’s embarrassed by this being brought up again, but perhaps these discussions will force him to address his issues instead of burying them behind smack-talking.

    Mango-Man, we’re just trying to help you. (And if we get some laughs in the meantime, then that’s an added bonus.) 🙂

  8. Mr. Destructo

    Me: I’d like to take a flamethrower to all those flowers. That would be something to see.

    Please, no more pictures of Mango-Man and his flower garden. I’d prefer not to vomit.

  9. Thomas Wayne

    Since Mango-Man quit writing here, perhaps he’s taking the time to ponder his existence. I think we’ve thoroughly made the point that his love of flowers is unhealthy.

    I’m glad this blog cares enough about its readers that it will risk the public outcry of posting a flower picture just to help someone in need. ‘Tis noble, indeed.

    Mango-Man, we’re all pulling for you to overcome your wussiness. You can do it! Maybe you should go on a fast from flowers, and spend a lot more time watching The Three Stooges. 🙂

  10. mangoman

    wow TW… I see you finally admitted your love for flowers (and I quote from your last comment) that you “sure do enjoy planting them and watching them grow” it’s funny you should feel the need to confess that to me after all your other slander of my good name. You can like flowers if you want… that’s your business… but I’ll just continue urinating on them as usual. 🙂

  11. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, you’ve misquoted me once again (as is your custom). I was quoting you, so by quoting “me”, you were actually quoting yourself. I know, that may be confusing to you, but remember that YOU are the one who likes flowers, not me.

    The only thing I ever have to do with flowers is if I have to give some to a woman to impress her, or if I’m running over them in my trusty El Camino.

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