my washboard abs

I’ve got another personal tidbit that goes along the lines of the last post.  I’ve told people that I have rock-hard, “six-pack” abs underneath a layer of fat, and I’ve received the strangest looks of disbelief.  For whatever reason, some people find it inconceivable that I have all these tight muscles on my abs.  I suppose these people have to see to believe (but blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe!).

washboard absWell, now I have proof.  (No, the picture is not of me.  Please continue reading to understand why.)  Perhaps you’ve seen those TV commercials where they’re selling some weight-loss pill or diet plan.  They’re on all the time, so you’ve probably seen them.  Next time one comes on, look carefully at the before and after pictures.  From just losing weight, these people went from having a pudgy midsection to having well-defined, muscular abs.  And this is just from following some diet.  (Surely they wouldn’t be misleading people.  I mean, if it’s on TV, it must be true!)

So now you know.  It works the same way with me.  If I were to drop a few extra pounds, you could see my washboard abs.  You may be wondering why I don’t just lose the weight and look like that.  Well, it’s pretty simple, really.  I like to eat, plus I’m not into all that vanity and stuff.  Besides, I’ve got plenty of natural charm and charisma for impressing the ladies.  If I were to bring my body up to its full potential, that might be too much awesome for one person.  Then my friends might get jealous, and I really wouldn’t want to cause them to stumble.  So I keep my muscles in disguise.  The strength is there for when it’s necessary.  And I have nothing to prove.

8 thoughts on “my washboard abs

  1. Not a Cyborg, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    So you say you’re hiding a washboard under your skin? That’s cool. I’m hiding abs of STEEL! Well, titanium alloy actually. And a micro-fusion power core, a rocket pack, and a holographic storage device holding all the information about everything. Oh, and a laser cannon.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    If you’re made of titanium alloy and have a power core and rocket pack, it sounds like you’re a cyborg…

    BTW, does your power core happen to use a 1.21 gigawatts flux capacitor? I’m needing to borrow one of those for an experiment…

  3. Thomas Wayne

    My abs would look like that, but it’s under fat, like the post says. See, when you’re overweight, it’s more of a workout to bend over, whether getting up or sitting down, or picking up stuff, even just tying your shoes. And so fat people, if somewhat active, are more likely to have stronger muscles in the abs region. It makes sense, if you think about it…

  4. Alesandro Boudrah

    Chad who has washboard abs?
    hrm… possibly something is lost in translation? washing machine abs possibly?

    hm. yet I mean no harm – none at all…

    Alesandro – never abbrev. my name

  5. RyanMccarthyxxcvb

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  6. MangoMan

    why the heck would I want a ‘body to die for’? come back when you can give some tips of how to get a body to LIVE for! 🙂

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