caption contest, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel

Most of the caption contests here use pictures loaded with randomness, but this week I’m going to use a political photo, so we can try to make some political humor.  This photo is of President Barack Obama relaxing, while his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is on the phone.  I have no idea what the actual context of this picture is, but who needs context?  We get to make it up, which is what makes it fun!

Just remember to keep the comments funny and clean.  You can make political statements, but make them funny (whether laugh-out-loud or satire or irony).  This isn’t the place for serious long-winded rants about why your preferred political party is great and/or the other party siphons.  (Comments violating this rule may be deleted, per the site’s rules.)   Of course you can reference current political events, or you can make up any context you want.  Have fun with it!

Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel

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