world’s biggest private residence

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, we know about being over-the-top — albeit mostly in imagination.  We can come up with some crazy-huge ideas.  Unfortunately, we usually don’t have the funding to follow through with all those awesome ideas.  But there are a few extremely rich people who will spare no expense when it comes to implementing their dreams.  (We need to find a few wealthy investors to fund some of our ideas.  So if you’ve got more money than you need, have your people contact our people…)

In the news today, India’s richest man (estimated at $27 billion) has moved into the world’s biggest private residence.   It’s a 27-story-building in Mumbai. It has three helipads and its own air-traffic control station on the roof.  The 570-foot-tall glass tower has a swimming pool, health club, salon, and a mini-theater.  The first six floors are a parking garage for more than 160 cars.  And it has 9 elevators.

The link above has a picture, and it doesn’t look like a private residence to me.  The “house” was initially to be built for $70 million, but a newspaper says it was closer to $1 billion.  I’m thinking if I was going to spend that much for my own custom house, it would look a lot different.   But to each their own.

But wait, there’s more.   The residence requires about 600 staffers to run it.  That’s what I really don’t get.  How much work is there to do for 600 staffers?   That’s a LOT of people!  At first thought, I’m not sure what that many people would do.  But I reckon if we all combine our imagination, we can come up with something.   So here’s your homework — if you had a huge mansion and 600 staffers, what would you have them do?  Remember, money is no object.  Post your ideas in a comment, so we can figure this out.