update on iBlogCup for April 2008

Regarding the iBlogCup I mentioned last week in a post, there’s some good news and some bad news.  So let’s start with the good news : we got the 4th most votes out of the 32 blogs.  However, the blog in our “bracket” was one of the three that got more votes than us, so we didn’t advance.

That doesn’t really seem fair, but so it goes.  Also, some blogs got 0 votes but got to advance because their competitor got 0 votes, and the one that was nominated first gets to advance in case of a tie.  So it’s too bad we weren’t up against one of those!  But either way, a few people came to the blog from iBlogCup.com, so hopefully they’ll stick around.

Another thing that doesn’t seem fair is that the blog we were up against in the first round finished 2nd overall in the previous month.  But I guess there’s no rules against re-entering, so maybe we will too.

vote for us in the Blog Cup

This blog has been nominated to participate in iBlogCup, which is an International Blog Cup Competition.  The only way for us to get votes is if you go to their site and vote for Buffet o’ Blog.  Here’s the link : April 2008 competition.

You can only vote once per round, and it checks your IP to make sure you aren’t voting multiple times.  This round is open from April 1 thru April 7.  I would really appreciate it if you’d take a few seconds to go there and vote.  There’s no prizes, but it would get us more recognition, which might translate into more regular readers.  The more, the merrier.  🙂

[ Edit: I’ve been informed that the vote button doesn’t always show in IE, i.e., Internet Exploder (that is, Internet Explorer).   See the pic below for how it should look.  Also, note that you have to enter a password at the top of the page for your vote to count.  This keeps people from using bots to automatically vote for them. ]

vote button