funny Taco Bell commercials

The other day I came across a few Taco Bell commercials, and they’ve had a few classic ones.  Some are funny, and some bring back the memories.  So I’m gonna share a few with you, and they’re embedded in this post, for your viewing convenience.

The first video is a Taco Bell ad from 1989-90 featuring MC Hammer.  It’s actually kinda neat.

There’s a chance that the next ones will be even more generic, so proceed at your own risk.  🙂

This next Taco Bell commercial is from 1979 and it looks and sounds like it.  But the song is actually kinda catchy: “TacaTacaTaco Bell!” — “The Fresh Food Place!”

But wait, there’s more!  This one is from 1984.

Next is one from the early 1990s, and this one brings back the memories of when they had good MexiMelts.

Someday, the next generation of people will look back at 2011 and think our current commercials are generic.

Speaking of generic… you don’t even have to go back a few decades.  The newest Taco Bell commercial features “Buddy Mignon” singing lounge music at a piano, about the new Quad Steak Burrito.  It’s already generic and it’s not even dated yet.  (Perhaps it’s a parody of their old commercials.)

That’s all for now.  I don’t want to overwhelm anybody with too much genericness at one time.  And don’t worry about quality control here — the next post is already in the works and will be even better!

Thank you, drive thru…

Forklift Truck Simulator

There are some unusual video games that get made every year.  Most of the time, I understand — even if the game seems weird to me, at least the developers are using some creativity and trying something new.  There needs to be more chance-taking in game publishing.

But I heard of a game that just blows my mind when I consider how generic it sounds.  It’s called Forklift Truck Simulator.  Below is a screenshot from the game, showing how action-packed this game will be.

Uhh… Maybe there’s something I’m missing.  Let’s examine some of the press release about it:

Get behind the controls of a forklift truck in this highly detailed original simulator.

Your aim is to master the demanding range of tasks facing a forklift truck driver in every day scenarios. Load and unload Lorries and train carriages within a given time schedule or store goods in huge warehouses! …

To make the experience a bit more realistic you begin in a training mode to learn your controls and achieve your license in order to continue to the missions. There is also a “free play” mode which allows you to drive freely and choose where to go and what to do with the goods.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “We are delighted to add Forklift Truck to our range of Simulators. The developers at Astragon have a great sense of detail and have worked hard to make this experience as realistic as possible.”

Again I say, uhh…  I hope there’s a LOT I’m missing, for the sake of the people who put money into this project.  The concept of “as realistic as possible” doesn’t seem like a selling point for me.  I usually play video games so I can do things I can’t normally do in real life.  (Granted, I don’t find myself driving forklifts on a regular basis, but that’s not high on my list of priorities.)  If these forklifts don’t have weapons or power-ups, it doesn’t sound too fun.

The only hope I see for this game is the “free play” mode.  If it allows you to get creative and/or go on a destructive rampage, there could be some fun involved.  But if it’s “realistic” and restricted to work-life experiences, I can’t see it being worthwhile — unless you plan to become a professional forklift driver, but still, real life experience would be a lot better.

But to each their own…

Superman and Spiderwoman have joined forces

I found another crazy awesome-because-it’s-so-bad video.   This video clip is from an Indian movie featuring Superman and Spiderman.  (Yes, they have joined forces, for whatever reason.)  Although, you will quickly notice that Spiderman is a woman.  So I reckon that makes her Spiderwoman.  That’s kinda weird.  And they appear to be romantically-inclined.

In this video, they’re flying together, then apart (and since when could Spiderman, er, Spiderwoman, fly?), and then they do some bad dancing together.  But keep watching, because they spot some criminals who need a superhero-style beatdown.  You will laugh at that part.  The special effects we’re used to in America apparently don’t translate well.  And then after the criminals’ nefarious plans are thwarted, Superman and Spiderwoman dance some more.  This dancing will probably make you laugh, too (unless you vomit — don’t take it too seriously, okay?).

By now, you’ve probably realized this isn’t a direct port from an American Superman film.  He’s never appeared with Spiderman nor his long-lost sister.  And he doesn’t dance (thankfully!).  So yes, this is a generic-brand Superman.  And it shows…

BTW, if the music gets annoying during the dance scenes, just mute it.  I think it’s even funnier when muted.  But listen to the music during the fight scene — it’s amusing.

It was also funny when they were flying around and saw a group of people dancing, so they decided to bust a move in the sky, then join the people on the ground to get their dance on.

I also noticed that Superman doesn’t look very muscular.  I reckon that didn’t translate too well, either…

I wonder if the movie labels here in America have sued anyone over these types of films.  Because at first glance, it looks to be a rip-off of copyrighted superheroes.  Although, when you look closer, you see that they didn’t copy very much at all…

If there’s one thing I learned from this video, it’s that when I start releasing movies, I’m going to release them overseas, because obviously the bar is set much lower in other parts of the world…