snow reduces global warming

I recently learned that snow plays an important part in regulating the global climate, and a shortage of it can contribute to global warming (because of the effect).  So obviously we need more snow.  Well, coincidentally, I’ve been wanting one of those snow-makers for a while, so perhaps it’s time to get one installed on my house.  That way I can just push a button (because it would have to be remote-controlled, of course!), and snow would start shooting out from the corners of my roof to cover the yard.  This would be awesome for parties, and I would use a specially-formulated mixture so it will have reduced melt-ability during the non-winter parts of the year.

And when it’s cold enough outside for snow, I wouldn’t have to wait on the weather to cooperate — I’d just create my own snow with a click of a button.  And with sub-freezing temperatures, it would last for a while, giving me time to build that snow castle I have big plans for, and of course my driveway would be so deeply covered that I couldn’t go in to work.  So this plan would be, in one word, awesome!

When the Buffet o’ Blog R&D department gets this finished, we’ll put it on the market for sale, so other people can enjoy snow any time of the year and help combat global warming.  We’ll help save the Earth, we’ll make lots of people happy, and we’ll make millions of dollars.  It’s a win-win scenario, for sure!