important news announcement today

Have you noticed how biased most of the news sources are today? Some “news” stations / websites blame the Biden administration for everything, saying he’s done every single thing wrong, while some other “news” stations / websites blame Donald Trump for everything wrong with America. And of course, while each blames one political party for all the problems, they ignore the problems in their own party while promoting all the good things (even if they have to exaggerate). Actually, both Republicans and Democrats don’t get much done, even when they have majority control in Congress, and that’s probably a good thing.

Anyway, the “news” you hear is mostly full of bias and opinion (particularly about politics). If you only listen to one side (i.e., conservative or liberal), you may not even notice. Here’s a quick test — if you think one party will save America and the other party is to blame for the problems, you have been fed propaganda and bias. And if you are just now realizing this, I apologize. Propaganda seems tasty at first, but when you realize what it really is, it tastes like crap. So don’t eat it!

By now, you’re probably wondering why I’m ranting about politics. Well, this is a big problem in America now, and perhaps Buffet o’ Blog should transition to be a news source you can trust, albeit with humor. (Politics is especially devoid of humor, if you haven’t noticed. It’s like they just care about making you mad these days.) So to be truly fair and balanced, we’re not going to pander to either political party. We’ll tell you the truth! Although I do wonder if the general populace is ready for the truth… here’s why — your preferred party is part of the problem. It’s hard to swallow for people that are lifelong followers of either side — Republicans or Democrats. The truth is, both parties are largely corrupt, incompetent, self-seeking, and are leading America toward eventual destruction. Both will claim they are the solution, that if only their party was fully in charge everything would be great, but it’s not true. Every few years we have one party fully in charge, and not much changes. The same problems still persist and continue to worsen.

You know, scratch that. I don’t think we could make the truth very funny. So that part about starting our own news broadcast, let’s not do that. It is April Fools Day after all, and that part was made up. (Sadly, the rest of the rant is true. Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s important to know.) So we’re going to remain focused on humor and randomness here. Regardless of our government leading us to a bad future, we should do our best to make the most of each day. Most of us cannot do much about the political debacle other than voting, so why let it sour your attitude and ruin your day? Focus on what you can do to make today great for you and those around you.

That’s all. This was an attempt to be funny about a topic that isn’t funny, and while it probably wasn’t funny, perhaps it could help you feel better anyway. If it failed, sorry; just go to the next post and it’ll not be about politics. I was just trying to mix humor and awareness and life improvement, hoping perhaps someone will look at their “news” consumption and think, “They’re just telling me what to be mad about, and every day there’s some seemingly huge problem that is blamed on the other party. I’d be happier if I didn’t consume all this. I could find better uses of that time.” Find what works for you… personally I’ve cut back on news. Watching it was often like watching a train wreck — it’s a disaster, but it can be hard to look away. However, watching too much of it makes you feel like you were run over by the train… 🙂 And then there’s that whole taste of propaganda thing… ugh!

Oops, sorry, I meant to stop but kept rambling. That happens sometimes. This blog is supposed to be an outlet for rambling and randomness, but there I go trying to help people again. I’ll stop again. 🙂

Thank you, drive thru…

public approval rating going down

Here at Buffet o’ Blog we usually don’t dabble in politics, unless it’s funny or satire / irony.  Today we have an editorial by chief important political correspondent, T. Wayne Ledbetter, Esq.  Can you find the humor in this, or at least write something funny in response to it?

In the past few weeks, several U.S. Senators have been holding town hall meetings to discuss the national health care plan, and they’ve been met with some major opposition.   Some citizens are quite angry about the idea of a socialism-style health care system, along with the massive cost that will be passed along to future generations.

President Barack Obama is keeping track of all this public opposition, and thus the public’s approval rating is going down in his eyes.  Surely Obama sits at his Oval Office desk and sighs all the time at how many people just don’t like his plans.  He must be wondering why the average Joe isn’t interested in socialism, when it’s for our own good.  “The American people don’t know what they want,” he probably mutters to himself, ever determined to force his plans upon the unsuspecting masses.

It may seem like Obama’s plans will all be passed without question, with the Democrats having a majority in Congress and the economy is a debacle (so people want change), but his future plans are not guaranteed yet.   If the Senators continue to meet with the American public and thus hear what people really think, they run the risk of getting back in touch with reality and realizing what their constituents actually expect.  And if enough people make their opinions heard, the Senators will be forced to take notice, because what is most important to them is remaining in power.  If they fear losing a significant number of votes and thus losing their seat, they will do what is necessary.

The current administration is aware of this danger to their radical plans, so they’ve begun to label the opposition in generalized, stereotyped, derogatory groups, like “right-wing extremists”.  They must isolate any public dissension to crazy people.  They have even asked for people to call the White House with the names of people who speak out against Obama’s socialistic vision.  They must not let this moment slip away, for American is at a crossroads created by a perfect storm of economic distress, an unwinnable war, rumors of man-made global warming and the need to go “green”, and discontent of “politics as usual” by the American people.  This crossroads offers the perfect chance to push through extreme legislation, as we have seen with the stimulus package and the omnibus bill and bailouts, which were rushed so fast through Congress that most of our representatives never had time to even read it!

Obama knows the current stakes, and he realizes he must seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take control of America’s future, and he must act quickly.  If the great unwashed masses realize he is pushing for European-style socialism, his plans will fail.  He must make these changes under the guise of making everything better, and he must proceed with great haste.  With the public’s approval rating going down (in his eyes), time is running out.  Some of the mainstream media are even beginning to criticize him — even beyond FOX News.  Obama sits in his comfy executive chair, perplexed, wondering how mainstream reporters can question his grandiose plans.  Isn’t dissent of the President unpatriotic?  How could anyone be critical (beyond those crazy right-wing extremists, who only want to save the foundation our country was built on)?

Obama - PerceptionDuring a moment of brief reflection, perhaps Obama gives pause to his plans of changing America, and he begins to wonder if former President George W. Bush ever felt this discombobulated.  But those thoughts are fleeting, because he reckons the situation was irreconcilably different.  The media was obviously justified in hating Bush, in denigrating everything about him, in exaggerating the blame that should be cast upon him.  It was patriotic for the far-left media to hate on Bush, because he was… conservative.  There was nothing historic and momentous about his presidency.  He was too experienced, and his election wasn’t anything unique, and he didn’t take America in all these new radical directions.  His tenure in Washington was boring, except for all the humor and satire created about him.  But Obama, he’s historic, and he has a huge vision of change (even if nobody knew what the change would be during the campaign, it was change, so it must be good).  And Obama has the support of most of the mainstream media, so he must be doing things right.  Right?

As I wrap up this long piece of political satire, it is now up to you to ponder what was said, to see if you can determine what was satire and what is actually happening.  Was I just rambling incoherently, or did I actually have any thought-provoking points to make?   Was there any political humor in there, or was it depressing?  The end result is up to you.   I ramble, you decide.   🙂