dirt cake and strawberries for breakfast

This morning I had dirt cake and strawberries for breakfast.  It was all part of a balanced breakfast (although I think I was missing some other parts).  It was fruits and sweets, which are generally considered good choices for breakfast.  The combination was like having strawberries and cream, plus having chocolate-covered strawberries.  It was some good stuff!

Just thought I’d let you know, since some people probably haven’t thought of this combo before.  I highly recommend it.  (Remember that breakfast is one of the three most important meals of the day, so you should take it seriously and make the most of it.)

(If you aren’t familiar with dirt cake, it consists of Oreos, mixed with vanilla pudding, cream cheese, milk, and sugar.  It’s often served in a bowl that looks like a flower pot, and you put crumbled up Oreos on top to make it look like dirt.  Some people even put gummi worms in it, which is unnecessary for me.  Anyway, it’s scrumptious!  Almost everyone considers this dessert to be “awesome”, and rightly so.)

3 thoughts on “dirt cake and strawberries for breakfast

  1. Fab

    Yeah, but most of us don’t pay around $200 for our dirt cake. I can whip up a batch for under $10! Hopefully the flower pot it came in is worth something and you can sell it to MangoMan to recover some of what you gave for it! 🙂

  2. Beppo

    I don’t make a habit of paying $200 for dirt cake, but this was for charity. All the proceeds went to missions, so it was a good cause.

    It did come in a big ceramic flower pot. Yeah, Mango-Man could probably use it. Some say he really likes flowers… 🙂 Maybe he can help me recoup the costs.

  3. Mango-Man

    um… someone is sadly mis-informed… I have no desire to help you ‘recoup your costs’ particularly since I was not invited to partake of said dessert.

    I think i’m gonna report you to the powers that be for trying to sell a ‘pot’ on the web 🙂
    (should be interesting to see what kind of hits ‘that’ brings to the site.)

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