funny pictures, episode 11

I already know that some upcoming posts will feature ranting and rambling and nerdiness. ¬†While you wait, here’s some funny pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is from the Rosco P. Coltrane school of flying.
This would make a great conversation starter. Except that people everywhere would be laughing at you.
There are people who live this way, who hunt gators for a living. Now they even have their own TV show called Swamp People. Crazy...
While that may happen, some people fart so much that it's always dangerous to go to their cubicle...
I hope he's not a heavy sleeper!

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funny pictures, episode 10

Enough rambling… here’s some funny pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

This 1960s ad seems weird now, but then again, sugar is better for you than some of the fake sweetener stuff...

Have you ever wondered what happened when Mario fell down a bottomless pit in Super Mario Bros. and was never seen again?

Now you know...

(FYI, artist Ryan Coleman came up with this image, available for purchase at Etsy.)

It's an interesting concept. I do enjoy parodies of movies...
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin celebrates, after his unused hurricane evacuation buses came back from "Pimp My Ride!"
If it's part of their promoted philosophy, don't they have to follow it?
Someone should tell this guy that horizontal stripes make you look fat...

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funny pictures, episode 9

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared more funny pictures with everyone.¬† This set has no theme, covering everything from video game characters, to overthrowing dictators (world politics), the status of Pluto, and there might even be a pun for those of you who appreciate such “humor”.

Periodic Table of Video Game Characters -- how many can you name?
It sounds like regime change is contagious...
We could vote Pluto back to planetary status... it doesn't matter how many scientists are there to vote.
Fortunately you can now surf the Net on your cell phone or laptop.
Nun of them can drive...

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funny soccer pictures, part 2

Here’s part 2 of the funny soccer pictures (along with some painful ones).

That's gonna leave a mark...
This is actually more of an action picture; but the goalie is quite shocked.
That looks quite painful.
Not very subtle, are they?
I suppose he's trying to show he's a soccer fan while still looking professional. I'm not sure he's successful, though.
In case it's not obvious, the music is just one note, held out the whole time and played very loud. If you've watched the World Cup, you know about this.

You can see part 1 of these pictures here.

Feel free to leave comments about any of the pictures.