the danger of cleaning a shared fridge

I used to work in a corporate environment, where a whole floor of people had to share the same refrigerator.  As you might expect, people sometimes forgot about their food and left it in there for a long time.  But a policy was developed that the fridge was cleaned out at the end of every week.   Apparently the AT&T building in San Jose, CA, didn’t have such a policy.

Recently an office worker was cleaning the office fridge, and the resulting smell was so noxious that 28 people needed treatment for vomiting and nausea, and 7 were sent to hospital.  I’ve smelled some stinky stuff before, but that’s inconceivably bad.  Actually, that’s beyond stink — that’s some stank!  They had to evacuate the entire building!  And it gets even worse — the hazmat team was called in!

When I lived at “the bachelor pad” in college, the fridge occasionally got out of control, and we joked about leftovers trying to conquer the fridge, but it never actually happened.   But obviously the mold did take control of that office fridge and required professionals to defeat it.

The irony of that story is that the person cleaning it didn’t get sick, because she couldn’t smell due to allergies.

There’s probably a moral to the story…