caption contest, toilet abused

It’s time for a new caption contest!  This week, we’re going to feature a gross picture.   Be forewarned that some people might find this disturbing or even inappropriate.  It’s a picture of a toilet, with an abundance of poop and toilet paper in it.   And when I say abundance, I mean overflowing.  If you can’t stomach the grossness, then don’t scroll down to see the picture.

Before we get to that, I want to feature a short editorial rant on today’s subject matter (which also conveniently places the picture further down, to help certain people).  I realize that some people get offended at the mere mention of poop / feces, so the sight of it may be too much to handle.  But let’s look at it this way: you most likely see poop every single day.   So don’t act like your farts don’t stink, pretending that you’re too socially advanced and high-minded for such things.   Everyone poops.  It’s part of nature.

Now let’s address the issue of why there would be a picture of a toilet with poop in it, since everyone sees it every day anyway.  I don’t necessarily enjoy looking at poop, and you probably don’t either.  Well, this is what you call a caricature — a picture that exaggerates or distorts something, either for emphasis or entertainment.  So basically, this photo is humorous (to some) because it goes way beyond what is normal.   I realize that some people still might get offended despite my reasoning, so if that’s you, either go to another page, or press “Page Down” twice quickly, to avoid it.   You have been forewarned.

Finally, let’s get to the picture.   I realize there’s no people in it, so your caption (or craption, which might be more appropriate this time) can be for whoever finds this or whoever has to clean it up or just as general commentary / narrative.  Or if you can make a joke out of it, go ahead.  Just don’t use cuss words — this is still a family-friendly site, despite the grossness of this picture.


You can click on the pic for a larger version, if you dare.

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24 thoughts on “caption contest, toilet abused

  1. Bag O' Donuts

    How did you get a picture of my toilet? Don’t judge me…it was free Super Burrito Gut Bomb night at Chili N’ Such.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Regardless of what you say, there’s no way I could ever stomach that. I don’t care if some “important doctor” says my stomach and intestines are long enough they could be stretched out to the moon or however long they are — my stomach is not THAT big! That’s from a monster!

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Bigfoot had noticed some explorers had been getting closer to him by following his massive turd dumps. So he taught himself to use a toilet, but it’s still not helping.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    If that’s at a fast-food restaurant or gas station where the workers make minimum wage, I can see everyone quitting when it’s time for the bathroom cleaning. Minimum wage just doesn’t cover that kind of mess. Then when all the employees on that shift have quit, the manager goes in there, and then he probably quits, too! The professional emergency waste management team then gets called in…

  5. Laken.

    This is what happens .
    When YOu feed overweight people tacos ..
    maybe the spice went bad?
    Maybe ..
    The cheese went really moldie .
    I dont no . But thats just .
    Beautiful … ?
    To look at. (:

  6. Crappo the Clown

    Uhh… where did the hypothesis of overweight people and tacos come from? I’m pretty sure some unofficial “research” has been done in this area and not produced those results…

  7. Crappo the Clown

    Ooh, I have an idea for a prank! When a co-worker leaves their desk unattended with their computer unlocked, save the large version of this and make it their wallpaper! That’ll teach ’em… 🙂

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