a spamtastic secret to skinniness

I got a spam e-mail today with the subject line of:

RE: Clean Colon = Flat Tummy

First, that’s just an odd association.  But second, my research* has proven that’s not true at all.

* I know some people who “cleanse their colon” on a regular basis, and, well, that’s all I’ll say.  🙂

One thought on “a spamtastic secret to skinniness

  1. Crappo the Clown

    So if you don’t have a flat tummy, you need to cleanse your colon more often? I’m not sure about that one…

    So does that mean farting helps you achieve a flat stomach? I’m not sure if the, um, “research” backs that up… But if someone would like to research it, that might be some interesting results…

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