how not to field a baseball

The following picture is of an outfield play in baseball gone wrong.  The team featured in this debacle is the Philadelphia Phillies, who happen to be in the playoffs this year.  But, as you might imagine, this picture is not from this year.

This is not a caption contest, per se, but if you have any idea (real or imagined) about what’s going on here, please share in a comment.

7 thoughts on “how not to field a baseball

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Is that Mango-Man out there pretending to be a pro ballplayer and messing things up? That looks like his style of play… 😮

  2. Fab

    It’s MM sitting there alright, but what is that he’s doing with his hand in the grass? Is he scratching around looking for flowers?

  3. Mr. Innapropriate

    That’s what they get for signing a paraplegic shortstop and a one-legged outfielder. Of course that’s why #33 came for half price. That shortstop can sure scoot around the bases!

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    Clearly this is a very rare picture actually taken during a ninja attack. It has all the warning wigns:
    1) Black background or shadows where a ninja could hide.
    2) Somebody flying through the air for no apparent reason.
    3) No sign of a ninja anywhere.

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