an odd use for burnt biscuits

One of the loyal readers of the blog told me he had a home-landscaping idea — he is gonna make a sidewalk out of burnt biscuits.  That would be a unique look and texture.  It might make guests feel fat, as their weight crushes the biscuits.  And you might have an issue with birds taking it away.  And I don’t know how it would hold up to heavy rain…  so it might not be the best idea ever, but it was certainly random, so it earned a place here.

On a side note, I’ve always said you can find anything on the Internet, but a cursory search did not find any pictures of a sidewalk made of burned biscuits.  Someone should do something about that… the reputation of the Internet is at stake…  🙂

On a related note, when biscuits got burnt at deer camp, we used to play baseball with them, using a broomstick for a bat.  You can throw a wicked curve with a biscuit!

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