caption contest, man in shock

I realize posts have been sparse the past week, but I was out-of-town on vacation, and there’s not enough funds in the Buffet o’ Blog treasury to buy me a laptop, so I didn’t do any posting.  (I’d rather not write posts from my phone, even though it’s possible.)   Anyway, I’m back now, and since things are returning to normal, here’s your Monday caption contest.

This week’s photo features a man dressed in a suit, who looks quite shocked about something.   I don’t know who he is or what’s going on, but that’s for you to decide (or, rather, make up).   Explain what this guy might be witnessing or what he might be thinking.

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10 thoughts on “caption contest, man in shock

  1. MangoMan

    this is that exact split second when he realizes what he thought was going to be just ‘passing gas’ was indeed something ELSE entirely!

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    When corporate said they ‘needed to reduce headcount’ and ‘brought in a headhunter’, he didn’t realize they were speaking literally.

  3. Massimo Dalema

    Sono un onorevole del Parlamento Italiano. Questa è la mia foto dopo aver saputo i risultati delle ultime elezioni.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      That was a really loud fart! And long and liquidious, too. Sounds like Mango-Man has entered the building…

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    This is what happens when an adult tries the old ‘fell asleep from boredom, but painting eyes over your eyelids so it looks like you’re awake’ trick.

  5. important doctor

    notice the look on freds face when he realized his turbo-lax was kicking in in just 2 hours rather than the standard 4 to 6.

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