a better way to handle Daylight Savings Time

This year Daylight Savings Time started earlier in the year than normal, which you now know.  But it cost me an hour of sleep, which I don’t particularly care for at all.  I know it’s traditional to have it on Sunday morning, but I have no problem with upsetting the status quo in this case.

Here’s my new suggestion for it, which will make everyone happier : have the time skip ahead an hour on Monday morning.  When we get to work at 8:00, let the time jump to 9:00, with the lost hour being lost, as it is now.  Then people will actually look forward to Daylight Savings Time, instead of dreading the lost hour of sleep as they do now.

I realize this would not be ideal for the fall, when we gain the hour back.  So let’s leave it like it is, where we get an extra hour of sleep.  Sleep is important, you know, and most people don’t get enough.  So let’s quit losing sleep for this time-shifting event in the spring, while continuing to gain the extra hour of sleep in the fall.

Let’s put this to a vote in our country.  I think most Americans would go for this.  So let’s let the majority decide.

8 thoughts on “a better way to handle Daylight Savings Time

  1. Important Doctor

    I agree with the aforementioned idea… lets do it on a monday at the start of the year.

    Also I propose that we take it a step farther… no longer should we allow an hour to be taken at the start of the year and only an hour be given back.

    I say we handle this as a bank would… If I were to take out a $1000 loan at the beginning of the year, and at the year end went to pay it off would I ‘only’ owe $1000? no… i’d owe more because i’d be required to pay interest on it.

    I think we need to have the R and D department come up with an algorithm to figure ‘interest’ on our time that was taken from us… then in the fall instead of just an hour given back we get like an hour and a half or something. thoughts?

  2. i am woman-hear me roar

    I personally think the “powers that be” of this blog are geniuses!! I do believe this idea would get a lot of votes. I see absolutly NO flaws with this idea. 🙂

  3. Buffet O' Blog

    Yeah, we’re geniui. 🙂 I fully support the idea presented above, and I also like the idea of getting “interest” back on the hour the government takes from us each spring.

    Everybody should write their state representatives and let them know of this change. I guarantee that a lot of people would vote for this idea.

  4. Craig

    Interesting concept, but the Business sector being what it is would be up at arms, the Government may relent, but I’d guess they’d increase taxes to cover the lost hour during business, and that the companies we worked for would not pay for the hour lost, or require that you work an hour later.
    Worth further thought though all the same.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Perhaps it should be pointed out that this is a humor website. 🙂

    But to go along with the idea, the business sector probably would be up at arms, but they’d be outvoted by the working class.

    I don’t want to make less money, although I’d like to work less. Combining these ideas would boost morale where I work, I guarantee! Happy workers are more productive than unhappy workers, so companies should consider these ideas…

  6. Holiday Specialist

    I believe that the first work day after DST begins should be a national holiday. I mean think about it: The gov’t and banks shut down for obscure holidays like Columbus day. I mean yeah, the guy (Columbus) was pretty important, I guess, but why does that warrant a day off? There are thousands of important historical figures, but we don’t have a holiday named for them when we shut stuff down. Perhaps we should, though. 🙂

    Oh, and then there’s President’s day. I mean the presidency is an important office and all, but what is the purpose of this holiday other than not getting any mail, closing the banks, and having big sales at the car dealerships?

    A much more useful holiday would be DST Day. This is already a fairly unproductive day anyway because everyone’s dragging from the lost hour of sleep. Having that Monday off would give us a chance to recover and would make many happier, more productive workers. Write your senators and congressmen today!

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