Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I won’t make fun of that.  We should always be thankful.

While it’s interesting to consider the origins and history of Thanksgiving, along with what some former presidents (particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) said about giving thanks to God, I already wrote about that at my other blog.  You can check it out here.

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, we will take a lighter approach to things, as is our tradition, focusing on some of the other aspects of this holiday.

I’m thankful for turkey and dressing, for mashed taters (potatoes), macaroni & cheese, ham, dinner rolls, hashbrown casserole, sweet tea, pecan pie, chocolate chip cookies, etc.  There’s many good foods, too many to list here.

I’m glad that we get to enjoy eating.  What if eating was just something we had to do and it wasn’t pleasurable?  Eating a wide variety of food makes life more interesting.  What if you had to eat the equivalent of plain dog food every day?  That would get old really quick.  (So give your dog a bone or at least some doggie treats every once in a while…)

I’m thankful for the paid days off work!  It’s so nice to have a long weekend.  I still remember my first Thanksgiving after I graduated college and got a full-time job — I was visiting my family, eating all kinds of good food, sitting around the house, and thinking of how I was getting paid money for it.  That is awesome!

I’m thankful for the Internet.  It enables me to ramble on about newly-invented shampoos, bacon-and-cheese diets, helping people stop smoking, blowing up the moon, cartoons, etc., and for people all around the world to read it.  In fact, you’re one of those people right now!  (Doesn’t that make you feel special?)  With this blog, I have the opportunity of making people everywhere laugh.  (If only I could get the people around me to laugh with me… but at least they laugh at me.)  I enjoy publishing my randomness, and hopefully some of you out there enjoy it, too.  If you enjoy this blog, let me hear ya say, “HOLLA!”  [silence]  Okay, that didn’t go well.  I suspect some of you have your mouth full, or, um, food on your fingers, so you can’t respond right now.  I’ll wait…  [5 seconds pass]  Well, I’ll check the comments later.  I ain’t got all day…  I’ve got stuff to do…  🙂

In closing, here’s a Thanksgiving-related joke for you :

After Thanksgiving dinner, some guys go out in the yard and pass it.

The correct answer is football, although there might be more than one correct answer…  🙂

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. AGOC

    That wasn’t a joke. That was technically a riddle. Also it was a riddle that never really asked for an answer. Perhaps, the RIDDLE should go more like this:

    After Thanksgiving dinner, some guys go out in the yard and pass this. What is it?

    That would clarify your desire for a response by actually asking a question.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Perhaps it’s more of a riddle, but you’re making it way too complicated… just laugh.

    I don’t think the post was asking for a response to the joke/riddle, just some feedback on who’s here and enjoying the site.


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