caption contest, bullfighting, bull landing on head

You might expect a turkey or Thanksgiving themed caption contest, since turkey day is this week, but you won’t get one here this year.  (I didn’t see any funny turkey pictures in my stash and I don’t have time to search for one.)  Instead of a turkey, how about a bull?  Not to eat, but to FIGHT!

This week’s picture involves a bullfighter, but the bull has landed on his head somehow.   Think of some funny way to explain this photo.   Your caption can be from the bullfighter, the bull, the announcers, anyone in the stands, or just an anonymous observation.  It can be a one-liner, a dumb pun, or a short story — it doesn’t matter, as long as it is funny.

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12 thoughts on “caption contest, bullfighting, bull landing on head

  1. Peta Peta Punkin Eata

    As a person who defends animal rights, I find this to be a repulsive act of cruelty. Bulls should not be exploited by being taught bovine gymnastics or by tricking a bull into lodging his horns into the ground, his momentemum causing him to flip. What if all the bulls got together in a big stadium and chased a man around for sport? Would “man fighting” as a sport be well received by people? I’m just saying…..Now, where did I put my hamburger?

  2. Thomas Wayne

    The bull was getting tired of chasing the cape and making the bullfighter look good, so he decided to steal the show with his acrobatic prowess.

  3. MangoMan

    When tony ordered the all-you-can-eat ‘beef spear’ Shiskabob at a local restaurant… he was not prepared for what they brought out.

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