the best Christmas ever!

This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!  I’m determined to make it so!  But, if this year is the best Christmas ever, then the next year’s won’t be as good.  And I don’t want that!  I expect to make the same resolution next year, to have the best Christmas ever, but then next year’s will be the best and not this one.  And if I already know how to make next year’s Christmas even better, then why don’t I do it this year?  But then next year’s won’t be as good as this year’s…  It seems that I’ve now thought myself into a conundrum.  Hmm…  What to do?

7 thoughts on “the best Christmas ever!

  1. Important Evil Genius E.D

    Son… sounds like you are thinking too much. Simply put… the stuff you get next year will be better than the stuff you can get this year because it will be more technologically advanced. THAT is how you can continually have a better christmas year to year. If its not stuff you’re interested in. look at it this way. a couple years ago you had no wife to enjoy the christmas time with. now you do… so this year is better… in a few years you may have children… thus making it…um… ‘more better’.

    Peace, love, prosperity, contentment… all those things can grow with time.

    so in short… enjoy it now before I dominate the world. it will then be law that everyone also buys me a gift of they will be destroyed. 🙂 ahh… the smell of the-domination-of-mankind in the morning… it’s really quite remarkable & refreshing.

  2. Bowels Aflame

    I got your smell (and sound) of the morning….phvvvvvvrrrrrrrt, plop, phvvrt-t-t….good to the last drop AND the best part of waking up. 🙂

  3. Mr. Destructo

    Once again we get ramblings from the “Important Evil Genius E.D”, talking about the domination of mankind or destroying the earth, but we never hear anything about an actual plan. You sound like a Democrat… But nobody is voting you into power.

    I also doubt anybody would ever buy you presents, unless it’s joke-related, like an exploding jack-in-the-box, or a box of poop that bursts into flames when you open it.

  4. Important Evil Genius E.D

    Mr. Destructo… I GOT your poop!

    which begs the question… what have you been doing in my bathroom?

    I HAVE a plan… that I have outlined in partial-detail elsewhere on this site. I guess it would be ‘too-much’ to expect you to actually READ!

    here it is again…in short…

    I initiate my plan…
    it succeeds…
    I rule the world…
    people give me presents to appease me.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    You still sound like a Democrat… You claim to have a plan and think it works, yet there’s no evidence… And the Dems want everyone to give them lots of presents (higher taxes). Although they are “generous” — they want to give out lots of hand-outs to the poor; but not of their own money — they will use yours.

  6. Important Evil Genius E.D

    As I said before… I have detailed parts of my plan elsewhere on this site (in compliance with ammendment 3 section F of the bylaws for World Domination) if you recall that crock of a World Dominator ‘Mr’ Destructo (the REAL democrat) would not even reveal a partial bit of his ‘supposed’ plan.

  7. Mr. Destructo

    Once again you speak in unsubstantiated circles, revealing your ignorance. On multiple occasions I have given some details of my plan. For example, here’s a link to one instance. The whole plan is not revealed for it is not all completed at this time. I’m still working on the quantum-level math and physics issues. My plan will produce “shock and awe”, spreading wonder all over the world. It’s not some super-simple elementary-grade level plan like some others around here who want to use cheese whiz or pickles.

    You will see it in due time. Go ahead and play with your Legos and eat cheese whiz while the real men are plotting world domination.

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