researching the effect of slacking at work

If you haven’t heard, I lost my job last week, as part of a corporate layoff due to economic reasons.  So while I’m pondering what kind of career I want, I came up with what would be perfect for me.  It would be a major career change, but I’m open to new ideas.

The government pays all kinds of groups to do research.  I could conduct a study on the impact of slacking at work.  There are a lot of studies already done on the effects of taking breaks at work (and they all say it’s a good thing), so slacking would somewhat fit that, in that it’s like a break, but it’s different.  And here’s where it’s best for me — since my job would be researching and the point of the research is how slacking affects it, I would be getting paid to not work.  How great is that?

So now I just have to figure out how to get this approved and sponsored.  I think it would be a very beneficial study, and I’m willing to make the necessary sacrifices to see it come to fruition.  This would help corporations realize the importance of a relaxed atmosphere / environment in the workplace.  And this would be a job that I’d enjoy working on.

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Where did the new posts go?

I’m finally getting back to new posts now.  Has it really been two weeks?  Inconceivable!   Here’s what happened — my computer got really sick. It either had a virus or there was a major corruption of the .NET Framework or some such issue.  Either way, most of my programs didn’t work, and it was hindering my work and my slacking, so getting it fixed became an important issue.  So new posts were neglected during that time.  Also, my monitor quit working, which further added to the problems.   Besides all this, there were all kinds of other stuff going wrong in my life.  I don’t remember everything that happened, but I’m pretty sure the Earth blew up.  (Just checking if you were still paying attention… it hasn’t gotten that bad yet!)

I won’t list all the things that went wrong.  It’s all spilled milk under the bridge now.  And I think it’s time to burn that bridge.

So blame the real world for the lack of new content lately.  Hopefully I can now return to my own little world, where everything I do turns out awesome and my coolness is beyond comprehension.

the man with no name

One of the 3 writers here has said a lot of random stuff, but he hasn't been posting it.  He's a slacker…  But the irony is, he could be slacking from work by posting here…  whatever…

Anyway, I've asked him what nickname he wants me to use on his behalf, since he doesn't have a real name*, and he has failed to give me one, so I'm just going to choose something.  From henceforth he shall be known as Turtle Dundee.  So be expecting some of his quotes to appear here soon.  I'll start with one now :

They oughta cross a Viper and an RV.  That way you'd have a sports car and a place to stay.  Granted, it would probably be pretty ugly, but it's the whole concept of it.

It's not something I've thought of before…  It may seem crazy at first, but they could make RVs look cooler and run better, so there's some potential there.

* – He really doesn't have a real name.  He's unofficially known as The Nameless One.  Check your local prophecies to see if he might be crossing your path in the future in some obscure way.  Now, be careful if you search Google for "The Nameless One", because there are a lot of people to have used that title (and I really don't think they're all nameless).  I checked the latest revised version of "Thomas Wayne's Official Big Book o' Prophecies", and now I wonder if our friend here might be the one prophesied to destroy the moon, or to figure out time travel, or to become the most revolutionary politician ever…  (I suspect it's the latter, but time will tell.)