a Lamborghini Batmobile

This year Lamborghini released one of the world’s most expensive cars ever, the Veneno at $3.9 million.  Only 3 were produced, so this is just a collector’s item for those with more money than they can count.  (They’d better not wreck it, since there would be no spare parts to find!)

As you might expect with it being a Lamborghini, it looks fast and exotic, although even more so than normal.  This one reminds me of a Batmobile, in some of its stylings.  Obviously it’s not, but it would take someone like Bruce Wayne to be able to afford it.


That’s awesome already, but it would be even cooler if it shot fire out the back like the Batmobile.

There’s more awesome pictures at the link above.

Also as expected with a Lamborghini, it’s faster than most people could safely handle.  It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed around 220 MPH.  (The article didn’t mention it’s MPG…)  🙂

I also heard that a Lamborghini SUV will be going on sale in 2017, for an estimated $200,000.  The specs aren’t released yet, but some suspect it will have around 650 horsepower.  (My wife wants a new SUV… hmm… but our car budget will need a considerable increase in the next 4 years…)

the junk food diet that works!

Have you heard of the Twinkie diet?  It’s also known as a convenience store diet.   A professor of human nutrition decided to prove that the main cause of weight loss was counting calories, not the nutritional value of the food.  So for two months, he ate a small meal of junk food every three hours.   His meals consisted of Twinkies, Hostess and Little Debbie snacks, Doritos, sugary cereals, and Oreos.  That was two-thirds of his diet — the rest included a daily protein shake, some vegetables, and a multivitamin pill.  His project was a success, in that he lost 27 pounds in two months.

Would deep-fried Oreos fit in this "diet"?

Sounds great, right?  When I heard this, I was thinking, “Where do you sign up for this kind of research?!?”  What made his “diet” effective was that he limited himself to less than 1,800 calories a day.  A man of his size would normally consume 2,600 calories per day.  The key to his “diet” (and any diet) was to consume fewer calories than he burned.   It makes sense.  (That’s my approach, although it looks like I haven’t been eating enough junk food!)

You might assume this his junk food diet would make his health worse, but it actually didn’t.  His “bad” cholesterol (LDL) dropped 20 percent and his “good” cholesterol (HDL) increased by 20 percent.  His level of triglycerides (a measure of body fat) went down by 39 percent.  That’s inconceivable.

So according to his research experiment and the documented results, you can eat Twinkies and Oreos and Doritos every day and become healthier! The numbers don’t lie.

At this link there’s a list of what his typical daily diet would include: Twinkie diet helps professor lose 27 pounds.

I almost hesitate to admit this next part because it might mean that the self-proclaimed “Important Doctor” might actually know something about nutrition and be right, but perhaps there is some validity to the bacon and cheese diet, if used in moderation.  I decided to put that in here because it sounds like some research is in order…  🙂   We also need to add Cheetos and Oreos and ice cream to it.   Then include copious amounts of Southern-style sweet tea, and it would be the most awesome diet ever.

dream job – get paid to be a tourist

If you’re able to take a couple months off work and go to Orlando, you can get paid $25,000 to be the ultimate tourist.  You just have to ride all the rides, tour the attractions, eat at the restaurants, and enjoy all the spas.  You just carry around a camera and camcorder, and you write blog posts about your experiences.  So basically you’re on a two-month vacation, plus you document it.   Tough job, huh?

FYI, Orlando is the home of Disney World, Universal, and SeaWorld.  I’m thinking I could do this…

6 pound burrito challenge

I heard where a NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas sells a 2-foot, 6-pound burrito, and they made it into a challenge.   If people can eat it, they win unlimited rides on a roller coaster.   Hopefully they don’t have to use it that day!  If they fail at the challenge, they have to wear a pink T-shirt that says “Weenie”.  Winners also get a T-shirt, but it says “Conquered the Bomb.”

I think more restaurants should have challenges like that…