Easter eggs falling from the sky

Speaking of Easter eggs, a couple of years ago a church in South Carolina dropped 50,000 plastic Easter eggs from an airplane, for people to find.  They claimed that some eggs had prizes fit for adults.   As you might expect, we had an interesting discussion based on this:

That would have been hilarious, a field full of people waiting for the eggs to arrive, and then 50,000 eggs falling from the sky like pastel colored hail. I can see the news headlines now — “Easter bunny takes to sky, kills three”, “When Eggs go bad, the Easter Weekend Massacre”, and a Mythbusters episode where they not only prove that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real, but they can kill you too.   And when you say with prizes fit for adults, I’m imagining a TV wrapped in a giant eggshell, and a couch, car, and boat done the same way. ~ Turtle Dundee, 4/9/07

Now I have a bonus Easter-related link for you.  This story is about a couple who hid real, hard-boiled Easter eggs around their house for their kids.  They hid two dozen, but found only 13.   I’ll leave the hilarious explanation for your reading, because it’s really funny how he explains what happened.  Here’s the link: Smells like Easter.  [link broken]

lots of Easter eggs

One of my neighbors put out a LOT of plastic Easter eggs on Easter morning, as evidenced by this picture.

Easter Eggs everywhere  (click for larger image)
Easter Eggs everywhere (click for larger image)

Now, I don’t have kids, but I do have some memories from my childhood of hunting Easter eggs, and it was never this easy.  To me, this isn’t even hunting or finding — it’s just picking them up.  What sense of accomplishment is that?  You might as well just throw the eggs at them.  🙂

I have a younger brother, so eventually I got to help hide the eggs for him, and I never made it that easy on him.  In fact, sometimes I’d make it hard for him to find them all.  Being challenged like that helps people develop diligence and thoroughness.  I’m sure my brother would thank me now if he realized how much that contributed to his development.  🙂  (Actually, he’d say he’s cool on his own and I had nothing to do with it, but that’s just because he refuses to give me any credit.)  🙂

the ultimate BLT sandwich

I saw a commercial the other night for an “Ultimate BLT” from Arby’s.  It had my attention because of how often they said bacon (probably 7 times).  They used big grandiose terms like “monument to bacon”, etc.  So naturally I was expecting good things from this new food of theirs.

Then they actually shows the sandwich, which contains only 5 pieces of bacon.  I was suddenly disappointed.  And that’s with their commercial depiction.  Here’s a picture of one that someone purchased.

Arby’s “Ultimate BLT”. There might be 5 pieces of bacon, but not 5 full strips of bacon. This is so not the ultimate BLT.

I realize fast food often does not look like the commercials — I get that — but this is not an “Ultimate BLT” by any stretch!

So a question arises.  For something to be declared the ultimate BLT, how many slices of bacon are required?  And should any other ingredients be included?  (I realize there may be purists who say a BLT cannot have extra ingredients, but what if it makes it better?  Plus, we are talking about a modified title of “Ultimate BLT”, which implies it should be the best possible BLT.)

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, because you might have ideas I haven’t thought of.  To get the discussion started, the Buffet o’ Blog staff talked about it around the virtual water cooler:

* I think anything to be declared the “ultimate” in bacon should have a minimum of 1/4 lbs of bacon… anything less and it just sounds a bit puny.  I’d laugh if I saw a commercial touting something like 1/8 a pound of bacon!

* Even if one cares about the other 2/3 of a BLT, you’d still need bacon to be prominent over the LT.  I’d say at least 1/4 lbs, but I’d recommend (and like to research) 1/2 lbs.

* To be “ultimate”, they’ve got to take it to the next level.  BAM!  For starters, add melted cheese to it, and Miracle Whip.  Some chipotle sauce would go well with it, too, I think.  For the cheese, could probably use cheese dip with Rotel to pour on it, just make it thick enough to stay in the sandwich.

* Add a fried egg to it!  Well, if you’re gonna call it ultimate, add several eggs and more bacon.  And cheese, of course.  Tell me this wouldn’t sell like hotcakes!  I would eat this for any meal of the day.

Any more ideas?

it’s time to replace the Easter Bunny

Have you ever wondered why there’s a tradition of an Easter Bunny that leaves eggs and candy for children?  Is that believable?  Surely there’s a better way.

I came across an article on this issue that makes a lot of sense: replace the Easter Bunny with an Easter Ninja.  Now, for those stuck in the rut of tradition, this may seem absurd.  But you should read the article, because it really does make a lot of sense.  Plus, it’s humorous.  And as he explains, not only would it be better for children, but a ninja is much cooler than a bunny, along with being much more believable.

Here’s a quick preview:

Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to the Easter Bunny, and say hello to the Easter Ninja!  The Easter Ninja’s modus operandi is similar to that of the bunny, i.e. he breaks into your house and leaves baskets of eggs and candy.  The only difference is instead of leaving carrots for the bunny, children leave carefully constructed booby traps that the Easter Ninja must negotiate without setting off to fill their baskets.  Everyone knows thwarting traps makes ninjas happy, so the Easter Ninja will reward clever children with baskets of eggs and Easter Ninja shaped chocolates. ~ Chris Carlisle

Here’s the full article:

Replacing the Easter Bunny with an Easter Ninja.  [link broken]

I’m thinking we should start a petition to make this happen.  Spread the word!