the special days of September, pt 2

I’m going to continue my analysis of the special days of September.   In this post I’ll be examining the holidays on individual days.

  • 1 Labor Day (first Monday of month) — Ironically, on a day all about labor, you get off work.   So that’s kinda weird, but I am definitely NOT complaining!
  • 2 National Beheading Day — WHAT?!?   I’m definitely not participating on this holiday!   Who came up with this?   This sounds un-American!  (It also sounds like it’s bad for your health!)
  • 5 Be Late for Something Day — Okay, here’s a holiday I can support!  This won’t even take too much effort for me.  🙂  You even get to pick what you’re going to be late to.  (Ironically, I’m late in posting this series this month, but it’s not the 5th now.)
  • 5 Cheese Pizza Day — Here’s another American-sounding holiday.  Even if you prefer your pizza to be topped with lots of dead animals (meats), surely you can still appreciate the yummy goodness of a cheese pizza.
  • 6 Fight Procrastination Day — Is it a coincidence this is the day after “Be Late for Something Day”?  I’m not sure what to think about this day… I think I’ll ponder this later…
  • 6 Read a Book Day — A comic book would count — it even has “book” in the name of it.   Like discussed in the previous post on the special days of September, there are all kinds of books out there, something for everyone.  Of course, the best book to read is the Bible, because it will change your life.
  • 7 Neither Rain nor Snow Day — Was this invented by the Post Office?   Regardless, I can guarantee it’s not going to snow here on this day.   But rain would be likely, whether from afternoon summer thunderstorms or the remnants of hurricanes which pass through here after going through the Gulf of Mexico.  (I’m in Arkansas, if you didn’t know.)
  • 8 International Literacy Day — If you’re reading this, you’re already literate.   If someone can’t read, then they can’t enjoy the rambling goodness that is Buffet o’ Blog, so you should read this to them until they learn to read.
  • 8 Pardon Day — Today you should grant and request pardons freely.   So if you go up to someone and rip a loud fart, you just have to say, “Pardon me”, and they have to pardon you and not hold it against you.
  • 9 Teddy Bear Day — There have been several holidays already about teddy bears, like hugging them, taking them to work, and going on picnics with them.  So why do they get another holiday?   I figure if you still hang out with your teddy bear, you already know he’s special.  And if you’ve outgrown your teddy bears, all these holidays for them are superfluous.
  • 10 Swap Ideas Day — I reckon this is where I share an idea with you, and you share an idea with me.   I’ll go first.  When you have a job interview, eat a bunch of Oreos just before you go in, then smile a lot.  That way they’ll be staring at your teeth and not your resume.  🙂
  • 10 T.V. Dinner Day — On this day in 1954, the first TV dinner was sold (by Swanson).  Nowadays, the TV dinner aisle at your grocery store is probably running over with healthy, non-flavored microwave meals.   I’m not necessarily against healthy meals — some people enjoy them — but let’s not forget that you want to keep everyone happy, and the average American adult is overweight, so we don’t care about that healthy nonsense.
  • 11 Patriot Day — This is also known as World Trade Center Remembrance Day.   May we never forget…
  • 11 Make Your Bed Day — Making your bed is overrated.  (Can I get a witness?)   If nobody is going to see your bed but you (and your spouse), why bother making it every day?
  • 11 No News is Good News Day — I’ve heard this phrase before, but it’s not always true.  Besides, if this was true, you could just never watch or read the news, thus ensuring it would all be good.
  • 12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day — Of the smaller holidays (meaning the ones you don’t get off work for), this has to be one of the best ones.   Milkshakes are awesome!   And I’m partial to chocolate and/or cookies and creme varieties.  I also enjoy them with malt added.  On this day, all milkshakes should be half price, so people can enjoy them more.
  • 12 National Video Games Day — There was another of this day on July 8, but it wasn’t national.  I don’t know the difference, but I won’t complain that there’s two!  For those of you who don’t appreciate video games, you just haven’t found the right ones for you.  There’s something for everyone!
  • 13 Chinese Moon Festival (15th day of 8th Lunar month) — This is one of the biggest annual holidays in China.  People take off work on this day and watch the moon.   This holiday even goes back thousands of years (to when they worshiped the moon).  People also make and eat mooncakes on this day.
  • 13 Defy Superstition Day — I defy it every day.   I’m not superstitious at all.   In fact, it’s bad luck to be superstitious.
  • 13 Fortune Cookie Day — I’d like to learn to make my own fortune cookies, so I could put my own custom messages in it.  As you can imagine, it would be quite random.   Here’s a few examples: “If a scruffy-looking fellow who you’ve never seen before comes up and offers you a very strange-looking raisin muffin, it’s a good idea to decline, in this instance.”  Also, “Today is an excellent day to fly a kite shaped like a life-sized pterodactyl.   Try to get it to hover just outside someone’s office window.”   You get the idea…
  • 13 National Peanut Day — Peanuts are good in a variety of foods / dishes / candy.  Right now I’m thinking of chocolate-covered peanuts.
  • 13 Positive Thinking Day — Repeat after me: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and people like me.”
  • 13 Uncle Sam Day — Uncle Sam is getting old.   He was born in 1813.  Actually, I haven’t heard from him in a while.   Is he still alive?
  • 13 Scooby Doo’s Birthday — The Scooby-Doo cartoons premiered in 1969.  Scooby and “those meddlin’ kids” solved a lot of mysteries.   Those original cartoons are classics.   The newer ones just aren’t the same.
  • 14 National Pet Memorial Day (second Sunday in September) — Hmm, a memorial day for your pets.   I don’t think this is necessary, but to each their own.
  • 14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day — I’m all about a chocolate-filled donut!   Mmm…

As is usual on these special days lists, this is getting long, so I’m going to finish the list in the next post.  Click here to search for the other posts on the special days of September.

the special days of September

I don’t know how certain events get “honored” during a certain month, but I’d like to add some of my own.  Looking at the list of in September, just about anything would fit in.  Let’s look at a few.  (And I think some of these will be of interest to you.  There’s something for everyone.)

September is National Chicken Month.  I don’t know if that means I should eat more or less chicken.  I’m going to suppose it means more, because I like eating chicken.

September is also National School Success Month.  Does that mean students should try harder for success in school during September?  Sounds like it.  It seems like the months of finals (December and May) would be better for that.  But what do I care?  I never knew about this when I was in school, and now I’m not in school.

The third week of September is National Farm Animals Awareness Week.  I’m not sure what should be done about this, either.  Should we learn about them?  Should we take them a doggie biscuit?  Or should we give thanks for farm animals before eating a big country breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and biscuits & gravy, washed down with milk?  I’m thinking the latter sounds most delectable to me.  (Perhaps we should schedule a breakfast at Stoby’s that week.)

There’s even a National Flowers Week — also the third week — which would be applicable to the man who likes flowers.  ‘Nuff said about that.

There’s also a lot of special days, although some of them make no sense whatsoever.  September 2nd is National Beheading Day.  I will definitely NOT be participating in that one!  How about we remove that one from the calendar…

Here’s one that most everyone would like — September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day.  It’s too bad I just found out about it.  But I say it’s not too late to celebrate this one.  Go eat a cheese pizza.  It would be all patriotic and stuff.  Also on the 5th is Be Late for Something Day.  Since that was a workday, I probably took part in that.  But had I known it was a special day, I would’ve been extra late for work.  🙂

Today, September 7th, is Neither Rain Nor Snow Day.  What?  It rained here, so the weather did not cooperate at all.

September 11th is Make Your Bed Day.  So for all of you who normally don’t make your bed, this is the one day of the year that you’re supposed to.  I don’t know why, but I reckon making the sacrifice to do it once per year isn’t too unreasonable.

This is kinda silly, isn’t it?  But wait, there is a good one coming up.  September 12th is National Chocolate Milk Shake Day.  I’m all about that!  To help us celebrate this special event, restaurants ought to give a discount on milkshakes that day, to help motivate everyone to go get one.  And I read that most people who celebrate this day will drink not just one, but two or more chocolate milkshakes that day, whether they’re on a diet or not.  Mmm…  Also on the 12th is National Video Games Day.  So it sounds like I should stay home from work that day to play video games and drink milkshakes.  Does anyone else interpret it that way?

I’m not even covering half of these, but the list goes on.  Sept. 15th is Make A Hat Day.  I’ll pass on that one.  Sept. 16th is Collect Rocks Day.  Ditto.  Sept. 18th is Mushroom Picking Day.  Seriously, why is this even on the calendar?  Who decided there should be a day to celebrate these things?

But there is one of these special holidays that is growing in popularity and fame — International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is September 19th.  I recommend you participate in this one.  It’s a good time.  It also makes work more fun.

I could go on, but you can read the list (linked above) if you’re interested in reading more about these obscure holidays.

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