explaining Dennis Rodman as U.S. ambassador

Recently Dennis Rodman met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and then he went to Rome to hopefully meet with the new Pope.  I haven’t heard a valid explanation of how this could’ve happened.  Rodman was a basketball star in the NBA years ago, but is he famous in North Korea?  Or did he achieve this meeting with some shuckin’ and jivin’?  Either way, no one knows.  But this picture below might be the best explanation I’ve heard thus far.


Why is gas $9.99/gallon?

I saw this the other day while driving around central Arkansas.

gas prices 9.99 (not really) - July 2013

Fortunately it’s not true!  But that’s the actual sign — no Photoshop or other editing.  The gas station / truck stop has been completely demolished, to be rebuilt bigger and better.

They tore it down the old-fashioned way rather than blowing it up.  I can understand there being some logistical issues with exploding a gas station, but it would’ve been really awesome to see (albeit from a safe distance).  Plus there’s another gas station across the street, so you’d get a bonus two-for-one explosion!  There is also a nearby car lot, which would probably result in more explosions.  And there’s a large billion-dollar company close also.  So the collateral damage would get expensive really quick, and thus this cannot happen.

explosion, Gaza Strip, from Israeli F-16 jet, Jan. 3, 2009

I suppose that’s why we have movies and video games — so we can virtually experience such things.  But even with a large HDTV and nice surround-sound system, you still don’t get the full impact of a real explosion.  Besides the lacking bass, you don’t get to feel the resulting shockwave from a large explosion.  I wonder if movie theaters will ever be able to simulate that.  (There’s a project for our R&D department…)  🙂

new G.I. Joe cartoon – Resolute

Recently I saw a new G.I. Joe cartoon on TV.  Actually, it was more of a movie, called Resolute.  It was on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (which I don’t watch often, but happened to find this).

If you like action movies and/or the original G.I. Joe cartoon, you will like this.   The story was great, the graphics were great, and the sound was incredible — movie-quality (and featuring lots of bass).  (Although the web version doesn’t have quite the graphical and sound quality; if you can catch it on TV, do so.)

But this is not your ’80s G.I. Joe!  By that, I mean that people actually die sometimes.   (If you were growing up in the ’80s, you probably remember how it was — on cartoons and even TV shows like the A-Team, no one ever died, and they made sure to not even imply it.)

There are several parts to this one episode, and all together it may be close to an hour in length.   So it takes some time.  But if you have any interest in it, I highly recommend watching it.

Click here to watch it.

the state fish (or lack thereof) for Arkansas

I just learned that Arkansas doesn’t have an official state fish.   I don’t suppose that matters too much really, but there’s all kinds of other official state items, so why not?  The state legislature is currently debating the issue, trying to choose one, but things are getting political.  I know, over a fish?!? That’s a prime example of why politics are stupid…

Anyway, one of the TV news stations in Arkansas recently had a poll on what the state fish should be.  So far the top vote-getter is the blue catfish.   Also worthy of mention is crappie, bass, and trout.  But receiving 25 percent of the vote was “fried fish”.

I don’t know that “fried fish” should count as a state fish, because that’s very ambiguous, but then again, we are in the South, and deep-frying food is like a pastime to many people.  Also, another reason why I can see a vote for that is because they taste great!  🙂   I realize you probably won’t find fried fish in fancy restaurants, nor would you find catfish, but it makes for some great eatin’!  Add some fries and hushpuppies, along with lots of ketchup, and you have a feast!