deep-fried dollar bill

Ah, America… The land of deep-fried excess!¬† ūüôā¬† (Is this poetic or ironic?)

This picture was forwarded among the Buffet o’ Blog staff, and one person said, “That’s a waste of perfectly good breading.”¬† So true.¬† Because there’s no way I’d eat a dollar bill, even if cooked.¬† I don’t even want to think of how many germs it could have on it.¬† (I hope they threw out the grease after it was cooked!)

Then someone wondered: “Would the dollar be worth more now that it’s fried?”¬† That is an interesting question.¬† In general, the dollar isn’t worth what it used to be.¬† (Think about that for a while… but don’t hurt yourself.)¬† This version is a novelty.¬† I bet there is someone who would pay more than $1 for it.¬† I suppose that would make it worth more than $1, at least to a small percentage of people.

Technically, it’s illegal to deface U.S. currency.¬† (So before inquiring minds want to know, I don’t know who made this picture.)¬† I wonder if it’s illegal to make a dollar bill be more valuable.¬† I suppose so, from a legal standpoint, but that seems counter-intuitive.¬† But not like it matters — I’m not planning to deep-fry any dollar bills.¬† I’ve got bigger fish to fry…

Would you eat a tarantula?

The other day I watched a little bit of the TV show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern“.¬† I don’t usually watch it, but it can be interesting (and quite gross at times) . In the clip I saw, he was in Cambodia, and he showed people who eat tarantulas.¬† And of course he tried it.¬† I don’t think I would try that…

Yummy... NOT!

The story of how this happens is unusual also.¬† A husband and wife team go into the forest to catch tarantulas, then they de-fang them using a stick, a knife, and their hands, and they sell them for 12 cents apiece.¬† Imagine if that was your job!¬† It’s dangerous enough to find and catch poisonous spiders, plus the other dangers in a forest.¬† Then they remove the fangs and poison.¬† What could possibly go wrong?¬† And to get only 12 cents per spider… I realize the economy is on a different scale there, but that still seems quite low for the amount of risk involved.

A woman buys the tarantulas, rinses them off, seasons them with a mixture of powdered instant chicken soup, garlic, salt, pepper, and sugar, then fries them.  While cooking, they make whistling noises and popping sounds (like a small explosion).  While frying the hair/fur falls off.  Supposedly they are quite tasty, with a sweet and nutty taste.  The woman sells them in town for 25 cents each, and makes about $25 a day, which is a really good living there.

Reading about it doesn’t do the story justice.¬† You should watch this short clip to experience it a little closer.

To answer my original question: No, I would not eat one.¬† I’m not scared of spiders, but I’d still rather not eat them, especially when they’re potentially poisonous.¬† There’s plenty of other foods I would rather eat.

tempted with jealousy

Somebody did me wrong today.¬† They didn’t mean to, so I won’t hold it against them, but it just wasn’t right.¬† My story begins like many others: I was minding my own business, mowing my yard.¬† I was trying to get my lawn mowed before the rain came.¬† My wife was inside cooking supper.¬† Since we’re trying to lose weight, we’ve been eating healthy meals more than we used to.¬† She was baking some Cajun-seasoned fish and frying some fresh vegetables (squash, okra, and tomatoes) with Creole seasoning and olive oil.¬† It’s not a bad meal, even for a meat-and-taters guy like myself.¬† But while I was mowing, one of my neighbors decided to grill burgers, and the wonderful aroma wafted into my yard.

It really doesn’t matter that I was about to eat fish and vegetables — just about any meal is trumped by home-grilled burgers.¬† So I found that to be quite rude of them.¬† I’m outside dripping with sweat from mowing in the crazy heat-and-humidity mixture here in Arkansas, and they’re making me jealous with their grilling.

So if you find yourself in the situation of the person grilling while your neighbor is mowing his yard, it would be incredibly awesome if you were to offer him a burger or hot dog off the grill.¬† That would make their day, and it would certainly make the rest of the mowing not so laborious.¬† I’m just sayin’…ÔĽŅ¬† ūüôā

viewer mail, Christmas day special

Traffic here at the blog was at the lowest point of the year on Christmas Day (and it was still 223 pageloads).¬† This is understandable, because we aren’t posting new content around that time, and most people are probably spending time with their families and playing with their new toys.¬† Since fewer people are browsing the Internet that day, I had to wonder what people were searching for.¬† I’m going to limit the results just to what brought people to this blog, and I’m going to remove some of the similar entries.¬† (Also, only a certain number of search terms are stored for each day, so this may not be everything.)

Here’s the partial list of search terms that brought people here on Christmas Day (with the number of searches using that term):

basketball    34
sumo wrestling    11
poop    10
mount rushmore    8
basketball pictures    6
tank    6
sherman tank    5
funny christmas lights    4
bad hair    4
swedish goat fire    4
bad hair day    3
weird christmas quotes    3
pics of amazing lights on houses on chri    2
homer simpson + toilet paper    2
hair bands    2
fry turkey accident    2
pictures of deep frying turkeys gone wro    2
the burger king guy    2
poop in toilet    2
turkey frying accidents    2
pooping dog    2
beaker bunsen    2
bacon bbq    2
halo    2
carnivore pizza    2
truck driving    2
mr t    2
bacon crackers & shredded cheese    2
christmas straw goat    1
funny soccer celebrations    1
mountain dew ingredients explained funny    1
30 pound pizza man vs. food    1
“monstrosity” “burger”¬†¬† ¬†1
facts about toilet    1
muppets professor    1
little mac mike tyson’s punch out¬†¬† ¬†1
fat men dancing    1
covered in post it notes    1
cheese empanadas    1
wii for fat people    1
obama afro    1
bacon ham buffet    1
swedish christmas straw goat    1
worms in feces    1
homer simpsons wise sentites    1
bad mood no reason    1

There you have it.¬† Are you surprised?¬† Imagine someone on Christmas Day searching for “fat men dancing” or “worms in feces” or “poop in toilet”.¬† I reckon some people spend their Christmas day a lot differently than I do…¬† ūüôā¬† To each their own…¬† But it’s not a problem, because we’re open 24/7, and pages of randomness are served even if no one is in the office.¬† That’s one of the neat things about technology…

BTW, if you found this page via an Internet search, we’re written about most of these topics, and you can search just this blog using the search box in the sidebar.