What will Miley Cyrus fans do now?

Miley_Cyrus_performingWhat are people going to do?  Miley Cyrus (who plays Hannah Montana) deleted her Twitter account, so her 1.1 million followers now have a void in their lives.  (The only reason I know this is because it was mentioned in the news — and why it was considered news, I have no idea.)

The main reason I mention this is for a segue into the announcement that Buffet o’ Blog posts will automatically be sent to my Twitter account now. Well, not the whole post obviously, but the title and a link.  So if any of you prefer to “follow” people on Twitter instead of e-mail or RSS feeds, you can do so now.  To any first-time guests reading this, you’re welcome to subscribe too.   I’m not too similar to Miley Cyrus, but this blog produces good, clean humor, full of randomness.  Feel free to look around the blog to see what it’s like.  There’s something for everyone.

And by the way, concerning my updates on Twitter and my Facebook status, let me say this once and for all — every day I wake up, eat, do certain normal stuff, and go to bed.  So I won’t be updating my status telling you these useless things that no one cares about.   It’s just not necessary, and it’s a waste of time for all who see it.  I’m not on a 24/7 reality TV show (nor will I ever be), and if you really want to follow me or anyone else that closely, you should just get your own life instead of watching other people live theirs.

Okay, there, my rant on statuses is complete (for now).  I’m not against updating statuses, but ideally they would have something good to say.  But I’m not going to keep going on that, because that rant is over.

Thank you, drive thru…   🙂

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