finding us at Larry’s Pizza

Today the Buffet o’ Blog staff had lunch at Larry’s Pizza in Conway, AR.  We all highly recommend this place.  Not only is the pizza really good, but it’s all-you-can-eat, and they bring the pizza out to your table (at lunch and on certain nights, I think).  There’s usually 3-4 waiters/waitresses walking around with various pizzas, and they’ll announce what they’re carrying, and you just motion that you want one and they’ll put some on your plate.  (They call this a “pizza parade”.)  They even get you drink refills.  And the pizza isn’t just one-topping stuff — it’s all kinds.  My favorite so far is the chicken bacon ranch.  It is excellent.  They also have a “meat madness” pizza, and chicken alfredo pizza, and cheeseburger pizza, and one called Fat Larry’s pizza, among others.  Another convenient feature is that the beverage glasses are large enough that you don’t need refills often.

It’s a great concept, if you think about it.  You get the benefits of a pizza buffet, but you don’t even have to get up.  It’s a great dining experience.  You get to rest while you’re digesting large quantities of pizza.  You don’t have to fight through the crowd like at certain other popular pizza buffet restaurants.  You can be lazy.  And there is usually some pizza on the buffet if you happen to run out of pizza or are looking for one specific kind.  The staff puts what’s left of the pizza on the buffet after they’ve walked around the restaurant.

We’ll be going back regularly, although perhaps just once a month because a few of us need to lose weight.  If I still had a high metabolism (or any metabolism), I’d go there every week.  But eating there is not conducive to losing weight.  Anyway, so if you want to meet us in person, that’s one place we’ll be on a regular basis.  Now, I’m not gonna tell you which day we’re going… that would make it way too easy.  But it will be during the work week.  Here’s another tip : if you’re in there, look around, and if you see three really cool guys who are laughing a lot and eating a lot of pizza, it might be us.  Of course, there could be other groups of three guys laughing and eating a lot, so I’ll narrow it down further.  If, after further observation, you realize these guys are the coolest guys you’ve ever seen, then it’s probably us (unless you don’t get out much, and thus aren’t an adequate arbiter of cool).

If you see us there, feel free to pull up a chair and enjoy unlimited pizza with us.  It’ll be a good time.  We always have great conversations.  What you see on the blog is only a fraction of our daily discussions.

4 thoughts on “finding us at Larry’s Pizza

  1. Fab

    Whatever it takes to draw out the lunch “hour”, TW & friends are all about it. The writer mentioned a parade of pizzas, but he didn’t mention that this is the longest parade in the history of parades. OK, maybe not the longest, but it does take a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours to see all the “floats”. In other words, Larry’s should be experienced when you have plenty of time to taste lots of pizzas (some more than once), and TW always has plenty of time for his “lunch hour”, making this one of many ideal loafing locations for him and his merry band of loafers. And with all the variety of pizzas, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they walked out and called out as they passed by, “donut pizza!?”. Mmm… donuts…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    As I always say, “We should get more than an hour for lunch. The more time you take to get refreshed and reenergized, the more productive you’ll be when you go back.” 🙂 (I like quoting myself, it adds spice to the conversation.)

    Larry’s Pizza does have a lot of “floats”, and it’s a good plan to sample them all. Besides, you want to get your money’s worth.

    I bet a donut pizza would be good, especially if it was a chocolate-filled donut pizza… mmm…

    I have a “merry band of loafers”… HA!

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